Windsurf Sail Repair – Panel Replacement – Part 1 Extraction

Watch this one first! Better method!
An attempt at windsurf sail repair. Extracting a damaged Monofilm panel. Duplicating this panel using new materials from Sailrite.
I’ve never done this before and have never worked with Monofilm aside from applying repair tape to my damaged sails. The pros could likely point out many mistakes and I hope they do, I’d like to learn. The sail was given to me free due to the damage so the only risk was the cost of new material, the Insignia cloth was leftover from a previous project.
Step one(not shown): Use cheap packing tape to repair damaged panel. It is important to keep it together in its correct shape to trace the outline later on.
Removing all the old stitching was the most time consuming part. Once the stitching was out of the way, everything was still held together with basting(two sided) tape. Peel slowly to avoid damage to the batten pockets and adjacent panels.
Transfer(trace) the panel outline exactly onto the new monofilm. Do not use a straight edge as the edges are probably NOT straight. It is common for the panels of a sail to have convex edges so that when joined together with a constant width seam, the sail gains its aerofoil shape.
Also duplicate any Insignia or Xply portions of the panel using new material. The batten pockets on this sail are made of a lightweight Dacron(4oz?) lined with monofilm. I was able to reuse the Dacron but had to replace two of the monofilm liners(I damaged them during removal).

2 yards of 5mil Monofilm
1 yard of 4.2oz X-Ply Monofilm
V-92 UV Dacron thread(black)
1/4″ Basting tape
1 yard Insignia(blue)
1 yard Insignia(black)
Clear packing tape

Seam ripper
Sailrite LSZ1 Zigzag walking foot sewing machine


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