Upwind Kayak Sailing

Upwind sailing with Kayaksailor sails on Advanced Elements Convertible


SoBe3D says:

For all those who might have wondered.  This rig has been very stable and the kayak has on may outings resisted the heeling force of the rig extremely well.  Overall, quite surprisingly well.
However, recently, in over 25 knot winds with the full rig (not reefed – I should have listened to the old sailing adage, which ends with something about having a cup of tea) I did manage to keep the heeling under control for a while but did not notice that a significant amount of water had been slowly upsetting the trim of the kayak by slipping over the gunwale into the bilge (that forgotten space between the inflatable deck and the bottom of the kayak, which is present in the Advanced Elements Kayaks) with each tack until while quite closed hauled a header caught me by surprise and flipped everything upside down.  My iced tea in its bottle which surprisingly (maybe not, tea and ice in sea water, …) managed to float, my cap, the paddle, and my GoPro camera (which also surprisingly floated) all drifted away in the currents, although I eventually recaptured all of them, but not my anchor and rode which disappeared into the depths, after I managed to extricate myself from under the upturned kayak.
Please pay very careful attention to the instructions for securing the rig under these circumstances as published on the Kayak Sailor website, and keep in mind that the procedure requires persistence when in currents and heavy winds and should be practiced and mastered under more forgiving circumstances.  And, remember that these will need to be performed underwater while probably still disoriented by the suddenness of the event, and likely while entangled by the sheets and halyards as well, but unless one succeeds the kayak will be impossible to upright.  The lesson seems to be that a boat that resists heeling over well will also resist up-righting as adamantly, and after about half to three quarters of an hour later (it seemed much, much, much longer) I was finally having my (iced) tea, all reefed up, and sailing back home.

SoBe3D says:

I have the rig set up for use with the forward seat in the middle position. This is where I sit. A very small person (aka child) could in theory sit in the rear seat. With the seats in normal tandem configuration, one can determine by careful testing on land a new sail attachment location. The convertible has a long enough foredeck for this. The instructions and video that Kuvia provide explain how to determine the best position for the sail.

SoBe3D says:

On the Convertible, the dimensions match the Kayaksailor Masttrack exactly. If the dimensions are smaller on the Expedition (I do not know if they are) the bowsprit conversion would work.

Eventually, I might consider attaching some D rings as David of Kayaksailor describes in his blog (and referenced in the Advanced Elements forum). But, so far this has not seemed imperative.

Maker Jamison says:

looks great! how hard is it to install the kayaksailor to the inflatable? Im thinking about getting this same setup.. Also is it a pain to move around without a rudder?

René Genest says:

I was not looking for music but to get explanation to understand how to manage all of this. Somebody will finally understand that when we ask for something, the word ”music” was not include in the request?

Brian Bowden says:

How do you think this would with two people in the AE Convertible? I’m guessing not enough space to operate if you have to sit too close to the sail.

SoBe3D says:

For now I am attaching the forward tie-down to the base of the forward part of the bow handle and I am threading the webbing straps through the webbing loops holding the aftmost small D rings on the bow deck bungees and then into the Camlocks. I guess that one could use these small D rings, but I feel that the loops hold the rig closer to the deck. I do suggest tieing some hitches in the webbing strap, because they otherwise seem less snug after a period of sailing

arktseytlin says:

Great video. @ 2:00 it seems to heel over pretty far for this wind speed. I have exact same kayak and considering this same rig – does your convertible ever feels overpowered with this rig?

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