Street Windsurfing & Jack covers Au Revoir by The Front Bottoms

I attached a windsurfing sail to my skateboard, and than the kids and I brought it
down to Sandy Hook. We had a great time and shot some video. Later that
day Jack was playing a few songs by the Front Bottoms and I recorded him and used the song over the video. The Front Bottoms are an amazing band and if you’re not familiar with them you should definitely check them out. My kids love music and songs by The Front Bottoms have been the soundtrack to our lives for about the last year and a half.

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brico travo says:

Nice song and i want to tell you thank you in my language ” MERCI”. Thank’s for all these videos and AUREVOIR ET A BIENTOT ( good bye and see you soon) 🙂

Bonnie Lee says:

You are an awesome dad with a wonderful relationship with his kids that will be passed on for generations. Thank you for sharing, this was fun!

John Lawton says:

Much better with the sound off

Michael Wittmer says:

Very cool.

Maarten Jongkind says:

Ok, the windsurfing is very nice…
But I don’t want to insult anyone, but that cover was horrible and the person who sang it should definetly take some lessons. Both singing and guitar.
Sorry but in my opinion it ruined a video that could be so much cooler without audio.

Still, practice makes perfect…
Love your other videos though!

Benoit Goulet says:

nice! and I know what that mean: un jeune homme libre prend parole, et pour lui trouver sa voix, c’est aussi trouver sa voie. 🙂

Chuck P says:

Happy Thanksgiving, Jon. God Bless.

Steve Collins says:

A much softer landing on water :>)

Heavyboxes DIY Master says:

That’s great fun! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Sajid Noor says:

how is gays farnd ? cazn brothers.??

Victor Krash says:

Not bad for a old man : )

wedkarstwo polskie says:

he is very bad for singing

Benny Van den Berg says:

Hii! I’m benny a dutch 20 year old boy, and one of the many singers wanting to get out there! Recently i’ve been given the opportunity to record a videoclip of the song Empty Chairs At Empty Tables, and i was hoping you guys could have a look and let me know what you think! Thank you in advance!

se7ensleeve says:

Pretty cool. Never actually seen a windsail on a skateboard before. Live and learn 🙂

Arjen De Clercq says:

Nice little break 🙂
Talented boys you have

Brian Bain says:

This brings back some memories, never tried a sail on a longboard though. May have to give that a try next summer.

RetroWeld says:

Nice. 🙂

David Dube' says:

Think I’d rather go down luffing on water instead of asphalt. Fun stuff Jon!

Maxim Kozlov says:

I like it!

Carter Wilson Workshop says:

Looks like you guys had some fun! Props for getting out there and living a cool life with your kids sir! Happy thanksgiving!

gone fishin says:

way to go Jon, get out there…nice touch with the raw guitar, very cool lov it! Have a blessed thanksgiving!

Michael Tricker says:

Yep, love front bottoms.

Odon Mercado says:

Cool video, and the song is nice too.
I hope when I become an older dad be cool too to my son.

Allen Perry says:

I like how you spend time with your children like all good fathers should and it shows in this video how much you enjoy time with them. However, II am sorry to say I didn’t care for the music in this one.

Matt Davis says:

Absolutely love the front bottoms, well done on the cover Jack!

bill franz says:

skills with the duck boots Jon! awesome!

Simmonsbilt says:

The world is a much better place with dads like Jon walking the earth.

Selçuk Elmas says:

“A little low volume can be better”
“High volume doesnt make a song better”
“This song is not the best for this video”
“Nice try”
“Love surf but music not my style”
“Can be a little bit softer”

so so…

No need to insult, try to be polite in real world and same over internet. He is young and advancing i think dont make youth go down like this. Thing if he was your son. If you dont like it no need to make a comment.

Jimmy James says:

That Looks fun and Jack did a great job too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Clester Oxendine says:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

April Wilkerson says:

Haha! Wind surfing is huge where I grew up, although I’ve never done it on land. : ) Very fun.

Big Pola says:

he is good at singing and the guitar but it would be allot better of he had it recorded and edited in a booth or something but it is good

TheSageDad says:

Happy Thanksgiving Jon, glad you got to spend some time with family.

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