NeilPryde Windsurfing 2013 Sail Collection

Game changers. Again.
The 2013 NeilPryde sail range. Engineered for unprecedented levels of performance for the ride of your life — at least for the next year anyway.

The old school used to assess performance as a measurement of straight line speed from A to B. Useful, if all you want to do is go fast. But you’re here for more than that, and so are we. From now on, performance will be measured only on our terms: strength, endurance, handling and also appearance.

Enter the 2013 range, where mercurial simplicity conceals some extraordinary technology. We’ve re-written the rule book on how performance should be engineered, as well. The result are sails with intimidating construction that keeps their shape, power and strength for longer than any before it.

There has never been a better sail made.

But there’s something else happening here. Something more intangible than an object that is simply the sum of its parts.

You can’t measure it.
It’s not an algorithm.
It’s called a ‘feeling’.

You just know when it’s right.

When you want to push yourself closer to the limit, NeilPryde sails will take you there (and back), time and time again.

If you want to win, want to sail the extremes or even if you just want your conscience to ride free of compromise… The 2013 range will perform, because they’re engineered to do precisely that.

You’ve got one life, ride it well.


farm2440 says:

3:08 !!!

Selim ORAL says:

thank you for this video..

VeS Com says:

See more in:

Nastenbka86 says:

Nero – My Eyes [Dubstep]


and im 40 and finally i can buy a set of four combat Hd 2013 and a starboard kode …i say finally, because all my live , i was sailing with secod hand sails and boards, but guys this is the way life is…the younger the poor, the older less poor, jajajaja, sorry but you will get your new sails soonest !!! (from Tarifa spain)

Ludvig Gropp says:

Dying sport? Really?

Nasos Efstathiou says:

Τελειο!!!! Πολυ ωραιο βιντεο με ωραια μουσικη!

KABOB kabob says:

…yeah…? lol it has been for years. It boomed in the 80’s-90’s but has been losing popularity to kitesurfing for a while. It even recently got removed from the Olympics. I’ve watched it lose people for a while now

jesussaves7777 says:

Jesus Christ came to earth and died a criminal’s death not because He had broken the Law, but because we had. God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. What should you do? Repent, turn from your sins & put your complete faith in Jesus Christ as your Savoir and Lord. You may die today, in your sin. Is there any reason why you would not accept God’s gift? More info at living waters website with true & false conversion audio sermon. God Bless!

Johan P says:

this is still the best action/music video I have seen in the last 4 years.
I’ve watched it about 25 times and sent it to a bunch of my wndsrfing friends and they all were completely leveled by the action and the vibes.
5 Stars!!!!!

Jan says:

just best rigs out there for sure …. never had problems 

Mike Surfer says:

yeah it’s awesome… but im 17 years old too, and cant buy it too.. but why they dont make windsurfing stuff thats payable for teens like us? €600-800 for a sail is way too expensive for a 17 year old kid….

antonisurfer says:

it is Maui, they always shoot the annual promo there

Winallthethings9 says:


eze piazza says:

donde lo puedo bajar al video???, saludos

Nicolás Sotil says:

WTF I canot play on iPad!! I love NeilPryde btw.

Александр Саров says:

Что за трек?

fantom31ru says:

Даже вот только для этого можно жить!!!!! Виндсерфинг- это соль земли, крик воды и ветра!!!! А музыка- нечто незабываемое!!!

cattazen says:

Great!! Great-video-Song-aNd-ViSioN!!
Aloha from CattaZen.

KABOB kabob says:

and that’s why windsurfing is a dying sport:( expensive

Vicente Pitarch Ballester says:


japjeskat says:

that stuff is really awesome, but the price, and im only 17 so I can’t pay this new sails, the last sail I’ve bought was a Neil Pryde Expression, a 2009 model, and it’s awesome. I hope to have one of these sails once, maybe in 2015 =D

jfduros.sailing says:

:O mother of windsurfing!

Canal Musica e Terapia says:

bravo !!!!!!

George Jguburia says:

egre minda ro gavaprino :((((

Luke Carpenter says:

Very nice motion & sound!

IndependenciaBalear says:

Fantastic Video! BTW, what’s the name of the song????

Winallthethings9 says:


James Thompson says:

I think its My Eyes by Nero

Tormod says:

Wow, thanks a lot for a inspiring video. Maybe best advertising video edit made ever ! Super nice edit, super nice use of combination of music and slowmo. I wonder what track of music in the edit? Pleace let me know !? 🙂 Aloha from : happysurfer (videos on vimeo)

Dimitar Ivanov says:

3:43 !!!

Donata Vaičiakauskaitė says:

Nice :))

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