Idiot’s Guide To… Speed sailing PART 2 – Ben Proffitt – Windsurfing.TV

For Part 2 of Idiot’s Guide To Speed sailing we needed to step things up…
so what better place to go in search of some BIG Numbers than Luderitz Speed Challenge!!!
This Event has already got 11 Windsurfers over 50knots!!!
But the question is… how close can i get to 50!?!
Tune in to find out!!

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Peter Brady says:

What’s the song at 8:30?

Martas Stepukonis says:

What kind of watch is that, anybody knows?

Ronny C says:

Very nice coverage , cheers !

Jason Huckaby says:

Thanks for documenting this – great job! Wear a helmet.

hossor123 says:

Amazing video! I think you are moving too much..on the last run!. keep it locked in.. in a straighter line.. weight vest might help! Good work though! Wish there was a canal like that close to where i live!

denniz122 says:

What kind of board are u using? How many litres? Great Videos!

Paul Jones says:

Next time try sheeting in 😉

Dez Pennington says:

Great video Ben, more clips with you and Bjorn – excellent stuff.

Timothy Quinn says:

Once again fantastic videos 😉

PlankenreiterTV says:


Marc Hill says:

Great videos. Can I ask where you license your music from?

Alan Yesilipek says:

scrape the paint off your board, have a poo before you go out, and go down the channel without a wetsuit just naked in order to save waight and gain an extra knot or two 😀

vincent cuvelier says:


Chris Kay says:

Jones says “why double back strap”?
I says where is Patrik?

Doug Reid says:

Do you reckon you will end up in the 50knt club? (max or otherwise)

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