How to rig your windsurf sail

Rigging a Sailworks Retro 6.0 brought to you by Pipeline Surf Co.


Cécile Bouvier says:

Thanks for posting this video. It’s really clear and helps me so much.

Nate Hukill says:

I really appreciate this video.  I keep coming back to it.  Thanks for posting. 

wordreet says:

Naah! This is all wrong. The best way to rig any sail is, to sit back with a drink and a tasty snack and have one’s butler to do it.

Hayden Mossop says:

i always wondered what the cup did no wonder my riggin was shit

David Castle says:

The sail will tell you how long the boom has to be right?

Lee CambsUK says:

Looking at tips after being stranded in F7 winds today. I didnt realise that my poor downhaul and outhaul settings effected the controlability of my sail soo much. cheers

Henry canalla says:


jkjkhardcore666 says:

great video

Kevin Do says:

Yes. around the number is about right depending on how much of a pocket you want on the sail

kester francis says:

thank you for showing how to rope the uphaul pulley!!!!

Darren Langley says:

Thanks for sharing this! It’s been a while since I’ve rigged one.

Roberto Oliveirawimsim says:


jurekb007 says:

Great Video! Thanks a lot!

silversix65 says:

Great video!

Ute Bates says:

Thank you again for all your help, this is also the best video i have found on line. i ll try it later on today, greetings Ute

basicxs says:

super, very clear instructions and views.
Thanks, very helpful

leviburtt says:

How much for that whole package?

Eric Cartman says:

why is this in top comments?

TheFireblade1000RR says:

I wish you would elaborate more on why doing certain things, like why do you expand the boom exentions, why not leave it as is, when using the same sail. Also how much tension on teh ropes and so on.

sky5julie says:

awsome tips for rookies!!! 2 tubs uppp!!!!…. : )

raymanuva says:

It all depends on the manufacturer and a size of the sail also (camber/non camber)
But the procedure i ussualy.

Open camber pockets
Insert Mast
Downhaul to the point where the sail is streightenned.
Max outhaul
Puch cambers in, close pockets.
Downhaul at max

Nimbus2000 says:

that camera … anoying

slickrippa...trick says:

how much did that set up cost?

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