Hobie Wave Sailing and Capsize

Sailing a Hobie Wave at Ocean Coral and Turquesa Resort on the Riveria Maya.

Wind was blowing about 15K and I eventually capsized. The rudder and tiller were not correctly attached to the boat and were lost.

Video was captured with Gopro Hero2 and head mount. Recoreded at 1080 and 30fps.



Your pin wasn’t on or was it? What’s the odds of you spotting the same problem with the other boat? Third , what’s the odd of a kid with scuba gear on the site.
Looks shady to me……… Renters beware

William Thompson says:

i would have made you go out and dive to the bottom and get it.

Steve Cook says:

Nope. If you listen to the video closely they asked me for a ‘tip” to cover the cost, but I didn’t give them a “tip”. Since they had my room number I was a little worried they would charge it back to my room, but they didn’t charge it back to my room either.

Matt Lapointe-Smith says:

Hello, I work for a new tv show about people in extreme weather and we would like to use this footage for one of our segments.  Do you own it?  Please email me at mattoknowwhat@gmail.com for more information.  Thanks!  — Matt

moose dyer says:

awesome you lost the rudders 

Hobie16Sailor says:

I’ve been sailing Wave’s for 6 years… they are incredibly fun to sail… the rudders do not just “fall off” as they did in this video… there clearly was no proper cotter pin to hold them on….

Steve Cook says:

Yep. East to right. Can’t compare to hobie 16. And yes the tiller/rudder came off. It was a resort boat and it was not assembled correctly which caused the rudder to come off. It was “lost at sea”.

Dominic Silla says:

Hey Steve,
What is the property name exactly where you rented these. We vacation at Riveria Maya often and would love to rent a Hobie. I own a Getaway and do a lot of ocean sailing. Thanks. Dom

Nader Ameeruddin says:

shouldn’t u hv inspected the boat b4 sailing?

Todd Boudreaux says:

No no, I heard you give them a tip…to fix the other one before it happens to another boat. =D

Onni 732 says:

whaat doestn hobie have a boom? no boom

Steve Cook says:

The resort was Ocean Coral and Turquesa Resort. The Hobie was included as part of the “all inclusive” package. They let you take it out for 60 minutes at a time. It may have been 30 minutes but I don’t remember for sure. But there was not an additional charge for the boat. The resort was nice and I would go back.

Dustin Weida says:

Priceless you clown!!

Jonathan c says:

seems like a fun little boat to mess around on.. easy to right? compared to H16? I see the tiller came off when you flipped.

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