Gaastra Pilot X-Ply Sail Rigging

This Gaastra Pilot-X (HD) rigging video, shows you the process of rigging and tuning the sail from start to finish. Isthmus Sailboards complete Pilot-X rig package with all of its components is used while Jon Massmann – shows you the rigging process every step of the way. From first time rigging to first time de-rigging this video should clarify the most common of your rigging questions.

Here are starting points of the video to help you navigate and review per your rigging needs:
Intro and Parts of rig: :16-:38
Roll out sail, sail details: :38-2:20
Mast explained / insert in mast sleeve: 2:25 – 4:54
Base extension settings / Downhauling sail: 4:55 – 9:16
Boom – explained and adjusted: 9:17 – 10:58
Attaching boom to mast: 11:03-12:52
Adjusting outhaul on boom / sail: 12:53 – 14:10
Finishing Downhaul / sail tension: 14:11-15:35
Sail settings – for wind conditions: 15:35 – 16:10
Proper Batten tension – Process – fine tuning: 16:11 -17:14
Final rigged Sail – explained upright: 17:15- 18:40
De-rigging the sail “101”: 18:41- 24:00


Darko Kovic says:

Thank you very much, this video was very useful for me!

Lance Y says:

Squirt amour all (silicon lube) on the top 30% of the mast, slides right in.

quantage says:

Thanks! Lots of great information

Quixotic says:

Great rigging, thank you for uploading this video 🙂

Marshall Arts says:

Good sails.isthmus shipped all the way to the Marshall Islands.

Louis Oster says:

thank you

pierre jean says:

noob question: when rolling the sail is like rolling a joint?

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