Entry Level Windsurfing Boards

Isthmus Sailboards is your #1 source of everything windsurfing. This video presentation features our wide selection of Entry to Intermediate windsurfing boards with Jon Massmann. It will give viewers a chance to learn, view and compare this category of 2013 boards head to head. Boards featured are: Bic Beach, Bic Core 293D, RRD EasyRide M, JP Funster 180 and Starboard Rio M. Board Pricing starts from $899 while complete packages start from $1375 including shipping.

We do offer more board options and sizes of beginning to intermediate boards. Call for more details.


oregonxyz says:

I had an old Go board 200 liters – shaped almost like an egg!

good for not going too fast, but great for uphauling, going med to slow, easiest jibes ever – as a beginner, I could be in footstraps and harness and not planing, but going faster than puttering around, actually going about bicycle speed

I now ride a 180 L Malibu – longer & narrower than the funster types, but still I can uphaul – I am too heavy (gained weight)

but what I like about the longer/thinner  of the shorter/fatter soft decks is that I an water start/plane the 180 – the super wide GO 200 when planing, would be like riding a skipping rock – it just hops and bounces and goes way to fast and out of control – cannot put down an edge 


a 180 not too wide – will take you too the next level – planing, but will be harder when you first start and when you go real slow

a 200 or an extra fatty – will be great for low winds, but you will need another board for planing

Eelco van Vliet says:

The Funster is actually also a very good board for intermediates, especially if you are big. I used it as a light wind board with a Pryde V8 8.0 and easily managed to get up to 43km/h in light winds. Just put in a bigger fin and on you go.
As a learner board it is excellent for kids as well as adults.

• Tensakuma "Tendro" Kadro says:

As a beginner, I’d like to know if you have them in a package or bundle ready and set up with All in one ready to purchase construct, where I can buy both Sail and Board together? This I because I am confused what sail works best or fits with which board. I’d rather not purchase and mistakenly buy a sail that works horribly with the purchased board.

I’m also interested in a multi purpose boar and sail, so that when I get the hang of it, I can go at speeds like the other windsailer’s, without worrying about buying new equipment (new sail and board). To help you with fitting me properly, I’m A male age 30, my height is 5’10” and I weigh 130 lbs. My intent is to cruise at moderate to fast speeds like other windboarders without the updraft of the wind lifting my board, I’d rather cruise and keep me and my board in the water. Thanks in regards.

feiz01 says:

What’ about a starboard go 171 ?

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