Beginnners guide to Windsurfing pt2 Rigging and Tuning the Sail

beginners tips… Rigging and tuning the sail


Elliott earls says:

Again I think your videos are great. Dude make more. I have a suggestion. Once your up and struggling on the board, what’s the key to not getting pulled over by the power of the sail? I think I know, but it’s a “gap” in the windsurfing videos that deal with beginners that I’ve seen. Blah, blah… my point is really just make more videos. I think you could have a good size audience ✌️

Elliott earls says:

I got a couple of questions for you (maybe address in comments – or ideas for videos). 1. I bought a Starboard Go it’s an “intermediate” board but still has a centerboard. I’ve been sailing with the centerboard in because everyone says beginners have problems going up wind without a centerboard. So, if this is true what do you need to do to go up wind effectively WITHOUT a center board? From what I’ve read the fin is supposed to provide lateral stability, does that mean I need to put more weight on the fin to go upwind without a centerboard? 2. Also, it seems like my centerboard is keeping me from carving (turning tightly) is that right? I mean if I take out my centerboard will I be able to turn Better (sharper)? 3. I’ve also noticed that when I am sailing upwind, bearing away (turning down wind) is then difficult. I mean the board won’t just cut down wind if I tilt the mast forward hard. I know this sounds stupid, but is the centerboard keeping me from beating away? And last what is the right technique to sail downwind? I can sail well up (with a centerboard) and across, but downwind seems to … the board never seems to turn downwind enough. Thanks!

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