Beginners Guide To: WINDSURFING!

Intended as a Grade 10 Communication technology course assignment i decided to put up my informative video of, how to windsurf! I hope you guys enjoy, I put a fair amount of effort into this, hope its helpful! Enjoy windsurfing!
Remember, best way to learn is just get out there in safe conditions and learn it into you, be patient 🙂


Andreas Desmedt says:

So much wrong shit is told here….

Inmobiliaria SOLISGRANDE says:

desde uruguay, sudamerica: gracias! you have a cool way to teach.

James Graham says:

very useful video. thanks for the help!

Inigo Montoya says:

Great video, kid!

balakrishna rajaram says:

Nice to learn, but I am living inland

Teo Pit says:

I dont want to hurt anyone nor to criticize something but jn order to get your setup onton the water,if you do it just the same way as you uphaul(sail on the opposite of the air) and by holding your board by the footstraps,it is actually way better than having to connect it all in water(especially if there is shore break)

Og Dechev says:

Very nice and very engaging video, I hope by now /2018/ you are already blasting on slalom gear or slashing waves. The sail isn’t rigged exactly right /could be wrong mast curve too/, but for non planing practice it’s good enough. One advise, for those of you who are looking how to set up your rig, check some other videos on the tube as well, make sure you know how old your sail is and you are looking at the correct vintage sail rigging videos. The 1995 sails rig different from 2018 sails. As soon as soon as you can learn how to uphaul and go back and forth start using harness and hooking in.

Timothy Medic says:

That outfit at 5:40 though.

AR Studios says:

Do you put your main hand forward or back, like is there a difference for lefty’s and righty’s? I snowboard and surf right foot forward if that helps.

lukas turner says:

Thanks for this video
Its really informative☺

Jules G says:

video like

Elger van der Avoird says:

Man, I love that you’re doning this video. I like your style and humor! I bet it’s usefull for beginners and also fun to watch.
One point of criticism if I may; work on you rigging skills – You’ve made all the beginners mistakes, which I tend to correct with unsollicited advice on the waterfront if I see people rigging like this (which is of course always appreciated). :DD

Paul Davis says:

Brilliant taster video as I am about to start at the age of 59 and it took away a lot of mystery from the whole thing. Thank you young man great communications skills and excellent simplification of the whole subject, I expect to see your name in lights some day.

cptnAlP says:

Good intro, but some comments:  As a windsurfer instructor for over 30 years in NH, the theory part might have been better with the wind arrow from the other direction and procedure from viewer view.  More detail on the start up procedure.  Emphasize small sail, light winds, floaty board, protected environment, good teacher and not just a friend showing you.   Dry land practice a must with starting procedures in keeping centered, up hauling with back straight, clew low to the water standing opposite the angled sail, turning, tacking, release luffing the puffs…   countering the winds…
Unfortunately, too many would be windsurfers lost their interest with some of these mentioned aspects not well addressed, so you potential windsurfers, don’t give up and keep practicing…  get a personal lesson is my best recommendation, but not a club med, group lesson under less than idea conditions.


dont care if its not technically right..great video and helped me tonnes..we all learn the hard way..

Up-a-Creek says:

got to say I do hate young buttheads who crank up the damn volume on crappy music at 11pm at night when people are sleeping… thanks…

Ludvig Fröding says:

My dad is very good at windsurfing

James Williams says:

Thanks mate – interesting video.

nealkinevil says:

Great video thanks for posting “subscribed”

Dave Marinus says:

nice movie

Stephen Trinh says:

Thanks a million!  Your video is so easy to follow compared to videos from people more than twice your age.This video is now in my favorite! I learn from a grade 10 eh!

Elbert Basa says:

If only my teachers, taught like this..I would have understood math

stau ffap says:

1. You didn’t rig the sail properly, since there shouldn’t be such extreme wrinkles in your sail. My guess is that you didn’t tighten the downhaul enough.
It’s also much easier to first tighten the downhaul correctly and then put the boom on the sail, followed by tightening the outhaul.
There are plenty of videos on how to rig and trim a sail properly. You might wanna take a look at those.
2. With most powerjoints it’s much easier to connect the rig to the board on land and then carry the equipement to the water.
3. You also didn’t mention anything about safety. Windsurfing can be quite dangerous for a beginner when practiced on the ocean and when the wind is offshore.

Good video apart from those points. There are far easier and more clear videos for beginners on youtube though.

123vandrax says:

do you ever find air ramps on that lake in the video in small chop like that?

Taufan Roland Maringka says:

what’s the song you use in minutes 7:45-8:00

Maro Vok says:

For beginners let people know how big of a board they need !

Ronald Santos says:

great video !

tonka belic says:

I knowed probably everything,but thank you soooo much for this part 10:03 it helped me a lot,beleve me. Now I surf better ^-^

Anton S says:

i fuking love you man

kristonren says:

Best video so far…. Great job!

Lunar Nova says:

are you dutch? because of your surname…

Allosaurus Gamer says:

How does one stop?

Holly Thompson says:

My windsurfer board is really old so you have to tie the boon to the mast lol

Jules G says:

jai 12je fait de la planche a voile depuis que jai5 ans mais pourles debutant cette video et tres bien super like

Oliver Hd says:

Thx Dude! Awesome Video. I will start Windsurfing next Year. I already tried it twice and it was pretty cool. Well i can already go forward somehow and do some turns. My weight is 95 kg. Any suggestions what kind of board/sails should i take for just freeride as a beginner-intemediate ? Thx!

Acid Shot says:

1. Hint don’t turn sale full at once on high winds i menaged to get in supermen shape falling directly to that wind plate faceplanting(it will pull you into faceplant.)

buggoe says:

Awesome piece of work! I really learned a lot about windsurfing from your video. Thanks, I’ll be trying it for the first time in Hawaii soon. Looks like lots of fun!!

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