29er No rudder sailing with Dave O’Connor

Harry Morton and Israel Smith 29er no rudder sailing


NorthSailsAUS says:

Hi Otto,

It’s Dave here 😉 Awesome work in QLD mate I can’t wait to start working with you!

Nick Gilbert says:

Impressive boat handling.

Otto Henry says:

I tried this on my Optimist but I kept rounding up!

radio boys says:

matter of balance, sails, cb and moving weight fore and aft

 have done it with a Lightning, Thistle and Wayfarer

TheLads says:

Bitches I rudderless sailed a bug!

charlie says:

is this possible in a 420? 

aLm AnY says:

i had to do this on a Open Bic on the Baltic Sea because my Rudder was broken?!

DUCE says:

what is the song

iSail says:

They are so good, I want to try it myself.

thomas smith says:

flying 11s are cool

SportSoulLife says:

Nice 😀 Sailing without rudder is always a good way to practice boathandling. Spin around a mark without tacking or jybing is also pretty nice, but i am not shure if it works with the 29er tho :/

Ryan Dudman says:

How do they do that.
That is heaps good

mc50mk2 says:

Awsome Izzzzzy

NorthSailsAUS says:

Hi Jamie,

I certainly will in the next couple of weeks. Where are you from and what do you sail?

Otto Henry says:

Thanks Dave!

Harry Morton says:

Sick Vid dave haha love it…. 😉
its Harry BTW

Igor Stropnik says:

very good!!!

avaesq says:

now thats skill!

radio boys says:

easy close hauled, lots lots harder on a run

Otto Henry says:


vibratingstring says:

Very nicely done.

Madrc570 says:

Yeah to do it properly you really need a headsail or spinnaker

Jamie Willing says:

Cheers I look forward to watching it. I sail a RS Feva XL through my local Sea Cadet unit in Tauranga (NZ) it will be interesting to see if it works..

warjacare says:

Idiot music

Jamie Willing says:

Hi there Dave, could you upload a video of the theory of sailing without a rudder, im keen to give it a shot Thanks.

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