My Journey While Making My Windsurf Board

For my as level I made a windsurf board 😀 Its a hand-shaped, using PU foam, and has been layed up using glass fiber and carbon. I hope you enjoy the huge journey that I took when building it and can appreciate the skillset gained from this project ! im testing it today so will make a video of it on the water 😉 Here is the testing video –
Please leave some feedback on what you think about it 🙂 Thanks.
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Susan Vue says:

Totally cool –

youssef aamir says:

good job mate   where can i learn how  to  make  surfing bord and windsurfing bord thx

lowballman23 says:

Hack Job!

zerothrough2hero says:

good job mate, looks good! you used it yet? that work shop looks like a dream to work in, ever tool you could possibly need! much better than the tools i had at disposal when building my surfboard… one thing. two things. was that prepreg fibre glass of just normal cloth that you had to glass up? and did you have a coat of pure resin over every thing at the end?

kr4ft says:

thanks for the tip, wish I had known that at the time of building it !!! 🙂

Aleksander Vasilev says:

I think you should’e put the fins in the boxes when gluing them, to make sure they are straight. Very nice work actually and thanks for the video. It’s the only one here for windsurf boards.

stormguru says:

Hi there. I really enjoyed your video journal of the sailboard. Do you have any tips or ideas where I can find a kit for similar projects? I have access to some tools but have no idea where to begin on a project like this or where to buy the board material. Any leads would be fantastic. You’ve inspired me to tackle a project like this too! Cheers!

rlzrox says:

boy you are more ugly than hell but did a real good job!

kr4ft says:

thanks mate ! Im going out on it today hopefully, all materials were prepreg so no wet resin was added. You can see the blue and then black ply of film bond put on before the materials. The resin goes to liquid in the oven and flows through the job, with the haylar and vacbag acting as a mould surface to give the nice finish. You are right about the factory its like heaven 😉

pedrowind says:


Can you please like my windsurf page?


kr4ft says:

with the material used and amount of infa red radiation exposure that should not happen. Was thinking about spraying it so it looks nicer tho

Ansel Lewis says:

it was a bad idea to keep it black because the sun will crack your board

Peter Hansen says:

You got any info on the materials you used.
I have never used prepreg fiberglass.. Looks interesting. gives more time to trim etc. Initially I was worried about how much time you were takeing due to pot life..

Cheers for the video

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