JP HydroFoil

The latest and hottest trend in windsurfing: the HydroFoil boards fly over the water before a Formula board gets going. Shaper Werner Gnigler explains the details, Sebastian Kornum DEN-24 and Julien Bontemps are the riders to show these new designs in action.


JP Pyper says:

wow cool

SPSC97 says:

Not enough depth at Shell Point and weeds, but would love to try.

Swipender Swiper says:

I’ve already seen this at lake garda. Absolutely amazing!! …but the prices too… 🙁

Davide Milani says:

beautiful boards!

Ronny C says:

The pro make it look SO EASY , but in reality ??

Иван says:

What speed 30-40s of video?

tribolex says:

what is the price?

Robert Freeman says:

X-pensive way of mowing the lawn…..

Andrzej Kondracki says:

Is there any video where there is a beginner? Also, is there any video where they say – okay, this is 6kts or this is 10kts, we have a windsurfing board and a foiling board, there are exactly same sails and they compare / show results – both on water, next to each other – speed, maneuvring, etc? It looks cool, but these videos always look cool and easy…. and there’s nothing to compare that with.

Aschix Cosmic PVP says:

I think windsurfer looks ugly when on a foil. In our area these foils are not allowed close to beaches because it has been an injury. What is injury statistics on JP foils? Windsurfing used to be safe until it went 3 feet up above water on a stick.

Lucas Walter says:

looks damn hard to ride 😀

m4kc says:

What’s the song used?

Moxie Music says:

Danes are always doing rad shit, what’re they putting in the water over there??

Hoda 1922 says:

yep this is good for retiree , same like e-bikes

Mihailo Popovic says:

Looks like a dream come true !!!

Bruce Harms says:

Looking awesome, cant wait to give it a try

Dexter Spaulding says:

Do these ever spin out?

Geoffery Goggins says:

I remember back in the day the first time I ever got planing on a windsurfer. It was my Dad’s old 295 Bombora. That thing was a fuckin’ tank but to me it felt like driving a Porsche. I can’t wait to try a foiling windsurfer out.

Fabio Bernardino says:

I’d like to see a beach start and someone uphauling the sail.

Simon Buch Petersen says:


Tactical101 says:

Shit, i can’t even non planning gybe

010karl010 says:

3:30 they are pros and still struggle to gybe. That says something about foiling me thinks.

cornebistouille says:

Are they sailing near a turtle at 6:35 ?

Hennie Gerhardus says:

_ #jphydrofoil155 . #wishlist .

David Levy says:

An issue with windsurfing has always been the minimum wind force necessary to truly be fun. I could see foiling being great to ride in those areas where thermals are kinda weak, inland, on a lake, for a relaxing speedy day. A lot of people complaining here, but hey I’d take that and exercise while enjoying a beautiful view, over waiting for 5 beauforts getting a sunburn because the weather channel did not have it right. Have not tried it, but sounds interesting to me in that perspective. There definitely is a market for this. Last time I was in Maui, I saw Robby not long after his surgery, calmly go in the water while I was waiting for the wind to go up, without a harness taking off full speed. Made me definitely want to try it. But then, he is Robby and I am a mere mortal.

autokanada says:

I think the key is to have fun on the water AND not to spend a lot of money on new equipment. I got the foil from Hong Kong cheap, modified to fit my regular windsurfing board box, regular tuttle box did not brake yet. Question: did I have fun learning ? … YES . it is something new.

dirtTdude says:

why are they so slow and why aren’t they chooching?

Paul Epp says:

6:29 i hope you don’t cut the head of the turtle…o_0

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