Foil Windsurfing Q&A with Sebastian Kornum at Surfers

Sebastian Kornum is a Pro Team Rider for JP & Neil Pryde. The last few years he’s been extremely involved in testing the foil prototypes.We were lucky to have him presenting the final products and answering our questions here at Surfers Varberg.


PlaneCrazy says:

Foiling in yachting IS a lot faster so it was only time before it was applied to every sailing based craft. Also adding washers to the top of the Tuttle box would be releasing the tapered fit no? There fore creating slop because the fir is no longer secure. Adding washers to the actual stabiliser wing would seem to be a better idea

Tony McSpadden says:

Also, you’re piggy backing kiting foils which are designed to be driven at an angle, not ridden upright.

GrumpyOldMan says:

“So old they’re not even on FB”. Watch your tongue, young man.

NMO says:

Very interesting report

Team33 says:

What a dick this old grey man – “its really not important what is faster” –
Of course it is important.
1) If it WAS faster they would be pointing this out all the way so…… its not faster
2) They developed it because they thought it would be faster with less drag
3) Now they are devekloping it because it gives them something to do – its new

Windsurfing is so small and light that a foil is only faster to get up on a plane in smooth water with a specific sail. Basically too little wind to plane with a non foil board and a foil board is faster. So foiling in less wind has widened the wind range, thats all.

shiau gwo-harn says:

fin box needs to come forward to reduce the stress on the front margins of the box.
it will also make the foil more stable by moving it closer to the center of the board.

azera marcos says:

What about the recomended sails? No cams ,with cam? how many?

Eric Diamond says:

Maybe put the mast track across the board instead and slide the mastfoot towards the windward rail to allow more angling of the board for upwind like kiting?

Tony McSpadden says:

What utter nonsense. The modern foils were pioneered by the French not the guys in America. Idiots for producing this.

Jose Sierra says:

F4 10 years foil is a total lie.
Old Guys not on Facebook also a lie.
This guy (Sebastian) only knows how to windsurf the rest is all lies. But who cares it is fun to do.

shiau gwo-harn says:

great work! make it a boom. i think foiling is the way of the future.

Mark M says:

Hi Sebastian.
Thanks for very helpful Q&A.

What sail do you use to fly in light winds, like 7-10 knots?

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