2019 Naish Hover Crossover Review / Multi sport foil board

Read full review on SUPboarder here: https://wp.me/p38Bcs-bUQ

In this SUPboarder review we look at another multi sport foil board. The Naish Hover Crossover is a board that can do it all… SUP surf, SUP foil and Windsurf foil all in one. And it can do it all well. But just because it’s sold as a foil board doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well without the foil too. This board is a very similar shape to the older Naish Raptor, and in small to mid size clean waves that board was a lot of fun, and this Hover is the same. But also because of it’s shorter 7’6” length it’s a great board to get into foiling with as not too much weight up front. The board comes as standard with footstraps, so in just 5 mins the Hover can be changed from a surf foil to a wind foil.

To go with the board Naish have designed their Thrust foil which is a development of their previous years foils. The one we’ve been using is an XL size and would be great for most paddlers getting into the foil sport.


Mert Ozener says:

Question: So would a taller mast offset the disadvantages mentioned in the review, regarding windfoiling?

Mike Murray says:

Way too expensive. Get one on craigslist for 1/3 of the price. You’re welcome.

OC Vegas Property says:

You need to be in some deep water to ride this foil? Seems like most typical breaks you’d be hitting the bottom?

Zune Zvenzon says:

Scheisse Caramba!

the mountain man says:

No real surfer would touch it lol they tried in the 60s n failed

C C says:

it’s insane what they cost, I can get a used car for that much lol.

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