1st day of foiling with 2018 Naish Hover Thrust

first day on a foil.
Sailing a Naish Hover board and a Trust foil with a 5.0 force sail.
Other windsurfers use sails between 7.8 and 8.5.
Camera angle is not the best but by splashing water you can see when the board touches the water.
It’s fun try it out.


Johan P says:

NICE. Thanks for posting this video.
I have great faith in Naish products as I’ve had 2 of his boards. Is the Thrust useful w/o the foil in higher winds?
Robbie Naish’s idea in his video’s is to present a simple, quick and exciting kit to get foiling.
?might I suggest longer harness lines? ?would it be too direct? ?arm control is better? Thanks, again. Fair Winds!

Wojtek Krepa says:

Great , what was the foil position : middle or complete forward or backward in the fin box and how high over the water level you were flying : 10-20 cm or almost full foil mast length 70 cm . It would be great to see you from longer distance and could you write some numbers about wind force ……. keep flying !!!

Naish Windsurfing says:

Great job skirstyle!

Wiepke de Jong says:

Cool! How did you like it? What wind and sail you had?

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