Review of Axis A24 2014 Wakeboard Boat

I purchase this 2014 and wanted to give a review on the Boat, Here is some pro’s and Con’s and a test drive on the Boat. Along with a Wakeboard and Wake Surf, so you can see the boat with the Ballast Fully loaded, with the 450HP Corvette Engine.
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Nick Arredondo says:

So I just now came across this so you may have figured it out by now, but there is nothing wrong with your front ballast. Water comes out when u turn it on because the valve is closed, so there is no water coming into the boat. All the pump is doing is picking up water and looping it back out. There is no front hard tank, but there is a pnp hookup so you can add a front ballast bag (usually a 400lb). So when you buy a bag and then hook it up, that’s when your front switch will become useable. Right now it serves no purpose, just pretend that switch is not there. Nice boat, axis boats are sick, enjoy!

Nick-Fellow axis owner 2015 t23

Tympanicwater9 says:

How are you weighting your boat your surf wave looks so small compared to my a22

mudcrab443 says:

Some of the things you are calling cons, are not design issues but manufacturing quality faults. As a reviewer you need to make the distinction.
Faults can be fixed, cons cannot. 
Otherwise, nothing like an unbiased review with the familiarity an owner has. Well done.

Tympanicwater9 says:

Also the boat needs extra front wait

Andrew Srey says:

What’s your rope length when wakeboarding? Btw nice looking boat! It must have cost a lot.

rider3969 says:

does the boat come with a cushion for the bow to make it one solid section and eliminate the walk through?

Brian Steeg says:

Bad ass boat and great review man, thanks! Very much want an A22 or A24. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you this summer on this thing!

Seth Mielke says:

Are you using the board rack as your tow point when wakeboarding?

nathan whyte says:

How fast can this boat go (mph)

Chase Locke says:

I am thinking about getting an a24. Do you think it is a major pain having to put things down manually power wedge, etc… Overall as a wakeboarding and surfing boat does it match up with other boats. Oh, and how much does the 78 GALLONS of gas last you?

Devin Klee says:

What are the mooring ropes that you’re using?

Derek Ortiz says:

top speed?

NickRas625 says:

Nice review! Does the tower collapse on the A24?

Tympanicwater9 says:

Front doesn’t auto fill it just fills when your moving

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