Origin Wakeboard Tower Unboxing Opening Review – Wake Board Tower un boxing Reborn Dolphin

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Hey Happy Campers!!
Today’s Episode is our First Mail Day video! I got a fantastic deal on a Wakeboard Tower for the “Boat Project” (1992 Bayliner Capri 1800) and it just arrived! With that being said this video is an un-boxing video so that other people out there that might be interested in ordering this wakeboard tower can get an idea of the craftsmanship and the contents of the package. Below will be listed the part #’s and small description along with the link to the website that I ordered the tower from. Please note: This is just to give an idea of what you might get if you order from this manufacturer, price will vary based on what the manufacturer is now selling the tower and accessories for. I am just sharing my personal experience in this video. I am not sponsored by the manufacturer in anyway.


Items I purchased (Prices were valid at time of purchase, they may be different now):
$499 = Origin OWT-I wakeboard tower: Universal design, Fit 68-98 inch wide beam, Built with the strongest aluminum, 2.25 inch tubing, 5 Year warranty.
FREE = Origin OWT-MAI mirror arm polished
FREE = Origin Wakeboard Rack Random Model
$109 = Origin OWT-SPKI Wakeboard Speaker

Origin Wakeboard Tower Unboxing Opening Review – Wake Board Tower un boxing reborn dolphin
Origin Wakeboard Tower Unboxing
Reborn Wakeboard Tower Unboxing
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower Unboxing
Origin Wakeboard Tower opening
Reborn Wakeboard Tower opening
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower opening
Origin Wakeboard Tower Review
Reborn Wakeboard Tower Review
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower Review
Origin Wakeboard Tower Installation
Reborn Wakeboard Tower Installation
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower Installation

Origin Wakeboard Rack Unboxing
Reborn Wakeboard Rack Unboxing
Dolphin Wakeboard Rack Unboxing
Origin Wakeboard Rack opening
Reborn Wakeboard Rack opening
Dolphin Wakeboard Rack opening
Origin Wakeboard Rack Review
Reborn Wakeboard Rack Review
Dolphin Wakeboard Rack Review
Origin Wakeboard Rack Installation
Reborn Wakeboard Rack Installation
Dolphin Wakeboard Rack Installation

Origin Wakeboard Mirror Unboxing
Reborn Wakeboard Mirror Unboxing
Dolphin Wakeboard Mirror Unboxing
Origin Wakeboard Mirror opening
Reborn Wakeboard Mirror opening
Dolphin Wakeboard Mirror opening
Origin Wakeboard Mirror Review
Reborn Wakeboard Mirror Review
Dolphin Wakeboard Mirror Review
Origin Wakeboard Mirror Installation
Reborn Wakeboard Mirror Installation
Dolphin Wakeboard Mirror Installation

Origin Wakeboard Tower Speakers Unboxing
Reborn Wakeboard Tower Speakers Unboxing
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower Speakers Unboxing
Origin Wakeboard Tower Speakers opening
Reborn Wakeboard Tower Speakers opening
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower Speakers opening
Origin Wakeboard Tower Speakers Review
Reborn Wakeboard Tower Speakers Review
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower Speakers Review
Origin Wakeboard Tower Speakers Installation
Reborn Wakeboard Tower Speakers Installation
Dolphin Wakeboard Tower Speakers Installation

1992 Bayliner Capri 1800
1990 1991 1993 1994 1995 1996
Bayliner Capri 1700
Bayliner Capri 1900
Bayliner Capri 2000
Bayliner Capry 2100
1992 Bayliner Capri 1800


vintage tin says:

Nice looking product. The last one I installed came with an exploded view picture. Took all day to install and wire, and I had to make large plate washers for the inside.

Little C tv says:

Nice video!!

Kay LR says:

Good looking products. However, i can’t help you without instructions. Good luck with that. Lol

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