Classic Game Room – WAKEBOARDING HD for PS3 review

Wakeboarding HD review.
Classic Game Room reviews WAKEBOARDING HD for Playstation 3 PS3, a download game from Playstation Network from Tik/Creat. Is it Tony Hawk on a wakeboard or something else? It is fun arcade style racing, jumping, trick-pulling and star collecting mayhem. This CGR review of Wakeboarding HD has gameplay from PS3 showing Wakeboarding HD game play during the review as the video game is reviewed. If you enjoyed Wakeboarding in Wii Sports Resort then check this game out. Wakeboarding HD has trophy support for PS3 trophies to unlock in Wakeboarding HD.


tlalotoani says:


hellman4717 says:

this game has daft punk music 😀

Jazza159 says:

WOW WAKE BOARDING 5D cant wait!!!!

biggie Santos says:

wtf the old one was way more realistic

Daryl says:

the water looks great

Marcus Hunter says:

Speaking of Waveboarding stuff, I’d love to see a “Wave Race” review made by Mr. Mar…I mean Lord Karnage! Somebody donate “Wave Race 64” or “Blue Storm” to the show……I would have done that but I gave them away some time ago….

x20djw says:

GTA episodes from liberty city

Review it

Ron Auerbach says:

its not magic rope its wireless rope

Nazeer says:

realistic water

Oleg Ustimenko says:

@HendroitI 500gigs,watch his video about it.

Gordon Chin says:

I agree that the water looks very nice but I don’t like how the tow line goes through everything. If the rope was solid it would make a very different gameplay experience where you have to follow a path made by the boat without getting hung up on stuff.

Shyningfade says:

There’s nothing more degrading than being told that you suck by an Austrian announcer.

Jordan Chiminello says:

even wakeboarding unleashed was better than this and yes ive played the demo

minifig65 says:

The water looks so real! It’s almost like I can touch it!!!

samsaint11 says:

I didn’t know Seth Rogen was into reveiwing games too.

alak58 says:

I don’t know about this game,but most of these downloadable games are overpriced.

awsomeman1810 says:

lol he makes any video funny

GGame says:

How about Wakeboarding DD – which has female characters with double Ds!!! 

Joe Harness says:

you know, because ropes can just pass through buildings and trees no problem.

Jordan Chiminello says:

this game is soooo terrible its not even funny. only a retard who doesnt know what wakeboarding is

afaf sffa says:

lol the water quality is awesome 🙂

McPhale says:

This game is seriously lacking in the creepy robot dolls department.

Matias Hikeda'ya says:

its not a robe, its a gravitational string

Jesse Sisolack says:

Lol, the “You….Suck” at the end was priceless.

FakeFight09 says:

@timroosjen1 AGREE!!

gordo2456 says:

you have the best reviews, man. I like your opinions best. I’ll be sure to check this game out

Tony A says:

@XxYAKxX the first time i saw a picture of it it was at the wold record guines gamers edition that book has alot of lies too like the metal slug port for the gba

NerdKore64 says:

I don’t know why but this game reminds me of Jet Moto for the PS1. Except there is no wake boarding and you’re on a motor jet er something. It has water in it damn it!!!! So it’s the same in that vein.

Hendrik de Vries says:

Jezus, this guy must have a pretty large hard drive up in his ps3

Ricky Johnson says:

i almost shit my pants when i saw the water and thought it was for wii. this is the kind of game that would work best with the wii balance board thing

Mario says:

@rickyjshiznit have u played in the wii board? it sucks for me

Anddo says:

Your opinions match mine. You’re amazing.

Marcus Nilsson says:

I thought it already was 3D…

MegaDrain says:

Wakeboaring 5D would replace the wakeboard with a motorcycle.

BamaDillon says:

there is, it’s only playable on a boat and an actual wakeboard

xjango says:

wow that water looks amazing.

SonofMrPeanut says:

“It’s official. YOU SUCK!”

That’s just what that end part made me think of.

There have been a lot of good games recently from them.

jeremz pou says:

“It’s just a video game…” ^^

fer says:

I’ve never seen so realistic water effects ever.
BTW The makers of tony hawk also created a wakeboarding game if I’m correct.

Kaylin Tate says:

I love the water effects in this game… something tells me that sony and/or Tik/Creat is trying to get Devs to try a little harder on special effects such as water. cause i also feethat water isn’t getting enough love spare a few titles

Grigori Rasputin1990 says:

what a piece of shit

infringementMAN says:

It should have a “storm mode” where you wakeboard through a hurricane. You can still do tricks via the various debris flying at you.

DEFkon001 says:

reminds me of wave race 64 :p

Alexandru Acsinte says:

@GamingPalooza lol that sounds better than the pee-ass 3. The failbox 3-fix-me!

dann1023 says:

Looks good. Thanks, CGRHD!

Mike Angel says:

Dude are you Cr1tikaal ? :O
If ur not, u totally sound like him O.O

John JWC says:

Lame as. Only one wakeboarding game will ever cut it. Shaun Murray’s wakeboarding unleashed!!!! God bless that game

qwer55555555 says:

nice water

ak_k says:



The wake is massive!!!!!

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