Way Too Much board Concave & Surfing Aches – Vlog

Another cruise through the surf town experience with iSurfTribe. The life of a surfing family.

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Atua’s Channel


Denise Layla Madriaga says:

Love when y’all do vlogs !!

Cyborg Tuna says:

Where in Costa Rica are you? I’m going out there to surf and mtb this upcoming week just wanted to see if I was in the area

Kauê Rodrigues says:

Im from Brazil and i love your channel dude !! Keep doing the good work

Grace Jacobsen says:

hey surf coaches I am a intermediate surfer and I surf in the south coastline of southern california and wondering if you could make a video about making a plastic surfboard

aqchino 08 says:

always loving those vlogs!

Thomas Walsh says:

hi ISURFTRIBE, im fairly new to surfing so im curious as to what to look out for in a good wave before paddling into it.
Thanks, keep up the good work.

king G gaming says:

hay just started surfing I’m 5 foot 7 what’s a good bored for my height.

Bryan Swett says:

Yo. Como están? Buenos videos! Hey I live in Montezuma, and i’d like to share a book with you that has changed my lower back and life completely. I did years of chiro (don’t like it) and acupuncture (love it), but nothing ever gave me the control over my back pain like this simple series of exercises. Holler if you’re interested. I own the small restaurant ‘Candestina” at the Montezuma butterfly gardens. Paz.

Bina Loulou Mol says:

Ki’ili is a little bit pretty

angelikmayhem says:

(9:29) What makes them specifically for surfing? Design? Material?

Joshua Eck says:

Can you guys do a video on practicing getting your back foot all the way back on the traction pad

TheodoreJay says:

I wanna have that lunch at your place one day ! What a life 🙂

YamatoXion says:

Research shows adding extra protein post-workout doesn’t improve your muscle mass Vs eating a normal meal with meat in it.

Protein powders = Expensive farts.

TheMultiRugga™ says:

Lovin the vlogs, maybe als do some more vids of straight POV footage cause I love that.

Koby !!! says:


Short films ABC says:

Me mucho que no fuese proteína animal. Deberían tratar de comerla en ves de pastillas en plantas más completas 🙂

Lara Kocsis says:

Are you guys vegetarian?

xXRandom GameZ1000Xx says:

ur hot

Matty Haebich says:

Hey, how many barrels have you, your dad have caught. try doing nose rides on short board and long board. Love your video by the way. Ive improved heaps since i started wathcing. Please give my instagram a shout out: matty_boiiiee

AeroGanter says:

I need to visit Costa Rica sometime beautiful waves

sam Mc says:

you guys should try do board transfers!

Liu Alen says:


Owen McKirdy says:

love ur canals

sarah says:

why did you change your name?

Kristen Kay says:

Fun vlog 🙂

Lara Kocsis says:

Does acupuncture hurt?

Surf Editing Media says:

i tried to do what you did with your channel art look at my channel! i didnt work please can you tell me how you did it

fvwa says:

chris i wanna see YOU surf!! that would be awesome! great videos btw

Luiz Gabriel Nogueira says:

Very cool video bro!

Xahiru7 says:

Nice vlog! Please, longer surfing parts! (I guess its the reason why many of us are watching you guys) Love

Kodie Preuett says:

I think of my longboard has a little too much concave for the waves here. Stewart 808 9ft.

FutureCoastGuardHelicopterPilot says:

Hey just wanted to say that your videos are a huge help. I’ve improved so much by watching your videos.

Thank you!

Asa James says:

For such a small town it seems to have a lot to offer.

fynn wheatley says:

hay im just here for the qna why is it when it 1 to 2 ft i find it harder to pop up straight away but in 3 to 8ft i find it easy to pop up straight away

Matthew Berry says:

I feel like atua is made for lowers idk why

gavin gifford says:

What part of Costa Rica do you live in?

MilesFrey says:

you should check out Aloha protein.

the f1 man says:

Is there any were in Costa Rica that barrels from 4-6 feet

Ranar14 says:

Extreme concave on a board won’t “suction cup” it as you believe, it’s probably more down to the volume placement and rocker on that board.

The concave actually gives you more surface area which, when you are moving forward, provides lift.

Take Tomo’s MPH boards, those have insanely deep concaves and paddle like boards MUCH bigger (of course the parallel outline and volume placement help as well). Or another example of a board that has deep concaves is the Firewire Baked Potato, which has a super deep double concave and paddles and catches waves stupid easy.

Also fins don’t really make any difference until you’re on your feet.

Matt Button says:

Is keillie wearing a plate now?

dizzeepetee says:

Any way to order a board and have it shipped to you? Makes me want to give you one of mine!

Surfnboy says:

I have been shaping surfboards a lot and would like to maybe make an Instagram and make some boards for people and put my brand on my surfboards I shape. Any ideas on names or logo ideas??? Thanks guys!

SurfDreds Media says:

These mouthmounts look great, I’ve ordered one. Are there any disadvantages of them?

GamerZone says:

I have whey protein vanilla and I think it tastes good

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