Tennis Shoe Surfing – Stupid Surfing EP3

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Just for giggles another Stupid Surf Episode of the surf groms surfing in their tennis shoes. Neither Ki’ili or Atua have ever surfed in Booties so this is their way to test it out.



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Alex Yonehiro says:

Lol I surf in Santa Cruz and almost always need a wet suit

stereo grizz says:

Dress up as a superhero and surf

Michael P says:

you guys arent kooks, but if you were on that beach and didnt know what you were doing. MAJOR KOOKY lol. especially with the high socks lol. so funny. keep up the good vids.

Nathaniel Tafoya says:

I’m glad to see your Dad being supportive with you guys. surfing is my life I’m 36 years old now and married with a 5 year old son who wants to surf I plan on teaching him when he is a stronger swimmer. I think for the next video you guys should practice understanding the technique of reading the current and waves. This will allow you to feel the waves energy when surfing. Ask your father when you get to that point surfing becomes more than you on a board but you and the waves become one. Looking at your guys surfing reminds me when I started. I see great potential in you kids. Help them understand that surfing is about feeling more than anything else. With Your bottom turns compress in the spring upwards at the end of the turn towards the pocket and being pumping down the line. Remember when pumping to remain light on the board to gain enough speed for your next maneuver. Just a tip!!!

TripleTime Vlogs says:

Surf with flippers

Huw Townley says:

They were tennis shoes

Hugo3689 says:

surf with your fidget spinners

Julia Milani says:

I love this music

Nik Steiner says:

Do step offs

Grayson Wilson says:

anyone else notice they carry surfboards worng

Carlos Gomez says:

protección contra erizos ☺

Spacekat Tommy says:

Them clean shoes at the end Haha!! XDDDDD

Sophia Dixon says:

surf with wellies on !!!!

Mark Diedricks says:

make a video where you do a john john wax job and ride the board backwards

TAFreitas says:

Hey what kind of surfboard would you guys recomend for beginers?

eli _newms says:

Surf with the Walmart board

TheRipcat says:

Here in Oregon its wetsuit and booties! I hate the booties, I feel I surf so much better without.

Peter Decelles says:


Edgar Mendes says:

Poor little guys
That must have felt so weird

Guy Baron says:

In which country do you live and on which beach is the movie?

A Box says:

you should do a longboard with Atua and Ki’li on it

Cullen Tidy says:

do full wet suet

Mark Hicks says:

ROFL luv it! lol

Jack Fonseca says:

Surf the entire board backwards

Ho Stevie! says:

HahaHaha this reminds me of a surf movie I saw, Taj Burrow and someone else were surfing in Crocs.

Josh Carey says:

In engaland it’s cold so we have boots to put on in the water

Tom Funkhouser says:

You’re videos are the best

Huw Townley says:

They were tennis shoes

jackson obrian says:

how old is atua

Jack Sutherland says:

You guys should do a comparison video on future fins vs. FCS fins

etemy tradel says:

surf with a blindfold!

Geordan wyborn says:

you should try surfing switch for a session and see if you van get used to it

Sienna Macleod says:

Omg haha

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