Swell Day, No One Out!

Good swell with some size hit today but nobody wants to surf except… Also surf Q & As with Mo’e, Atua & Ki’ili

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Atua’s Channel


PITZandTITZ says:


David Sachs says:

Hey guys, we are currently in Costa Rica and have had some great sessions in Hermosa, Jaco, Grande and Nosara. Next we are headed for Santa Teresa which I think is where you are? If so do you have any recommended breaks. My son is an advanced surfer but I am an old intermediate with tired arms so a cruisey 3-4 foot would be awesome. We are from Australia and surf the Gold Coast so love the lack of crowds here. Third trip. Love your channel and the new name. Keep up the great work. Cheers

Idan Benesh says:

This is sick

Lau Millarengo says:

where do they live?

Idan Benesh says:

Hey I live in Australia and last time I went surfing I paddled out the back and when the set came I got scared and stayed out but as soon as it finished I paddled back in and caught foamies but I wasn’t happy as I had wanted to catch open face waves and hadn’t succeeded do you have any tips

Astro Horizons says:

Hey so I’m gonna start surfing soon so which waves should I look for?

Nick Treiber says:

How far are you guys from nosara costa rica?

Axel Fernandez says:

Isurftribe my board is 5’10 and I can cutback and my friend can’t is 5’10 a hard board to cutback and I am 5’0 and weigh 100lbs

Farron P says:

Have u ever body boarded

Sierra Lyn says:

How do you survive the wipe outs? I’ve been afraid of the big waves because the current can be very strong so I’m trying to figure out how to deal with wipeouts.

Gromzilla says:

Hey I might go to Costa Rica this summer, do u know any places with waves on average around 4-5 foot, and are the waves good in the summer?

Liam Mains says:

will you guys ever come to Australia (:?

Dylan Fitzgerald says:

you guys are awesome! I was watching your vids so much before i startet surfing and because of your tips, i was able to get up 1st try and its my favorite sport. Thank you!

randomoviekids says:


Loowk says:

Hey surf tribe, I was wonder what type of fiber glass board should I get . I’m 5’8 and 135 lbs. my name is pronounced (lew-key) just by that way

Mike Helm says:

Hi guys! Any benefits on twin fins setup on a 8 feets minimal surfboard?

Congratz for the channel! Keep it rolling!!!

Yaël Salerno says:

here in Morocco there are no waves these days

Cooper Denny says:

Q+A: i know you have answered this before but what is your main go to moves in the surf.

Elijah Saleri says:

hey i am coming to cost rica june second thru the 14th and i surf alot and i would love to share a session with you guys, you seem really cool and i dont know the area i am coming with my dad, maby we can have a surf session

Dylan George says:

What kinda surf boards do u ride?

the risingod says:

hey i am currently surfing a short board how to you do a floater

Eric Nilsson says:

Hey guys, love your videos! My sister lives in Costa Rica too – I was planning on visiting soon, and of course I want to do some surfing while I’m there!! She lives near Quepos, I was wondering if there’s any breaks where I could surf quality waves without stepping on any locals’ feet? Or if there’s anyplace nearby to rent a decent board so the airline can’t destroy mine? Thanks!!

Dipolog tom says:

I like ur videos, Amen to taller surfers. I’m 6′ 5″. Anyway like the name, started surfing in 68. Only bodyboard and sup now, mind say’s yea back say’s no. T shirts would look cool !!!

JHK says:

did u learn at a surfing leason

Kapahi 746 says:

Ahh no footage. It’s all good haha

Konrad Krieger says:

For Q and A how do you get comfortable in big surf?

Clay Myers says:

You should do a how to pack a boardbag for a trip

Oscar Cauchi says:

What are the dangers in the water in Costa Rica?

Blazing.G.S.F says:

Hey this is to anyone i cant pop up on a shortboard only on a 8 foot soft top and i can go down the line both ways and pop up easily but i just cant get up on a shorter board

Surf Session says:

Love your videos! Keep inspiring and the Amazing work!!! 🙂


Aidan Elliot says:

I skate and surf natural but skim board goofy even though I started out skim boarding natural.

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