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In this video we take a glimpse at surfer girl Ki’ili’s new paddle training workout. This surfing paddle training can be performed anywhere from swimming pool, ocean, lake, river etc.

Paddling is one of the most important factors in increasing wave count, and of course the best way to excelerate your surfing development is by increasing waves count or time on your fee. Bad Paddling technique & poor power output is like a domino effect leading to bad surfing.


Dash says:

KIck is unneccesary. You’ll just kick air and make splash. Not energy efficient and little speed.

Helmet Head says:

I used to find it difficult to surf after not surfing for a few months then I started swimming five times a week for an hour and a half a session and now I don’t find it any harder to catch waves

Pahoa Productions says:

I need to do this before heading back out again. The end of the video though, hahahaha! awesome vid!

whateverjavier says:

Bro! Your videos have help me a lot! The lesson of the Surf report, was great too! Thanks coaches! Good waves!

MicBergsma says:

At the end haha

Surfnboy -Fortnite Mobile says:

Can you guys make a newer video for how to pump for speed and not fall out the back of the wave for going too slow? I like the way you explain things way better than the old guy!

Laurente Laurente says:

Thanks for uploading. For reals guys thanks

Barak Burt says:

lol the end made me laugh

markus vlogs45 says:

How good is she?

Josh pollocks says:

Can u do some more tip videos in the future I don’t rlly mind what it’s about I just find ur instructional videos rlly helpful

Willem Kerr says:

That’s a blow fish

Carson Mastrapa says:

I’m one of you guys biggest fans you guys help so much. And where can I get a Surf Coaches hat like Atua

Nicolas Mariano Cardinale says:

Hi, any video of better duck dives?


wow that guy is a paddling monster

Najla Alrashed says:

ki’lili is sooooo cute keep it up girlll

MichellxLoren says:

Can you make an updated video on how to catch waves, and maybe include some tips and tricks? I’ve been having a problem catching a few

Jim says:

I told my sister about this video. She is in Uruguay & her place has a narrow pool. She attaches a line from her board to her patio cover & paddles. In just 2 weeks she said it’s made a huge difference & is ready to get back to surfing. Another great tip – thanks!

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