Stair-Rover: Surf the city with an innovative longboard

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Director / Camera / Editor: Petr Krejci & Nico Argast
Music: Octopussy by Juanitos


wut2dew says:

Lotta haters here. I’m not anywhere near being a hipster, but I’m un uncoordinated skater. That’s probably being generous. I’d try it. I need all the wheels I can get.

Darker Side of Magic says:

perfect for out running the cops for skateboarding in placing you are not allowed to. lmao!

Jarod says:

Lol it’s like it’s crawling down the stairs

Crazy'z Mod'z says:


Rapierre says:

1) can’t go upstairs
2) only useful on stairs and sidewalk cracks that go downwards
3) useless for cracks and bumps that go upward
4) The extra wheels make it harder and slower to maneuver

Father Mother says:

yes, but does it go up the stairs?

TheCctarrer says:

I’m going to laugh when this fucking railing system gets caught on a unlevel step , die bitch die hahaha

SqueakMC says:

Looks ugly as fuck

MisterMajister says:

And you are?

MickeyAlexander says:

OR you can learn to ollie a stairset or a curb.

danteJacuzzi says:

go to TheBerrics they put up a video using this.. it works.

Dante Hope'z says:

Just GAP it omg…
Why haters made that thing..

bntan71 says:

the wheel like the hanging system of tank in world war II

Petri Savero says:

Now, just put an electric motor on it, and i’m in.

Steve Massart says:


Devanir Nunes Filho says:

Seems nice for those that use the skate only as a transportation device and don´t care much about manouvers. Anyway it would be nice to see a video with the kinds of manouvers this thing can (and can´t) do.


Put suspension trucks and shark wheels and im in

Justin Galligan says:

this is a very dumb design there’s more friction towards the ground so you have to push more which is not fun it’s a lot heavier with all those extra metal bits in the tires and wheels and such so you can’t take it places as easily as a regular board

TheEverythingKing85 says:

berrics did it, so i checked it out ahha

Granbanan says:

now… make a RAMP out of stairs!

Alex Murray says:

Yeah or you could spend a quarter of the money and just do this: /watch?v=T9W7uq3Ztyg

Thevan Wally says:

8 ruedas y 16 rulemanes

TheStarkKnight says:

that just looks too weird…. O.o

Stair Rover says:

Check our new video! I hope that one looks more fun:)

griffin clayton says:

that looks cool and all, but it seems like it would be annoying to go downstairs on, it looks as though it would be bumpy and very difficult

StorySkottles says:

you dont need 8 wheels to go over a set of stairs on a longboard.

SeaBassSkate says:

This just defeats the purpose of skateboarding, it’s like putting stabilisers on a bike, okay it might be helpful when learning, but would you really want to be seen with riding it? One of the best things about skateboarding is being able to find a random stair set and try learn a new trick on it, this just ruins that whole aspect to skating and gives you less freedom on what you can do!

9600bauds says:

now go up

8bithallucinations says:

why…just why

David Austin says:

Great idea, poorly marketed. The fact is that it has to be a ton smoother and stable (especially with a design mod linking the wheel rotational movement per cantilever). That’s what they should be promoting, the stair capability being just one capability of that fact.

Michael Brown says:

Take it down el toro please.

Archie Symes 2001 says:

Send one to Casey Neistat and it will a huge amount of views !!

maxime bellefeuille says:


eyecollapse says:

it’s for untalented hipsters

THE SHOW says:

fuck nike

salvador hernandez says:

replace wheels with sharkwheels and its a most terrain cruiserpeed

Dylfunkle Sparkes says:

does it trick?

Elijah Katsanis says:

the song Juanitos – Octopussy

psumiz says:

i dont trust it

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