Soft Top Surfing at Pipeline | Who is JOB 2.0: S1E8

Pro surfer and wild man Jamie O’Brien buys a soft top surfboard and tries his luck at Pipeline before entering last minute into a standup paddle board competition that proves harder than expected.

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wertycookie says:

surfers are probably great at those arcade games where you have to time it exactly right to win the jackpot they already know how to time waves so well whats the difference right

oscar kick says:


Ben Rosenberg says:

lol 4:07

Luca Menzi Smith says:

That start bit was hilarious hahaha with the soft top buying

Marcos Ocaña says:

es un crac pero madremia willi

Chad Colton says:

All the non locals were thinking “who is this douche screwing around at Pipe on a soft top, and how come Da Hui isn’t kicking his ass?” 

NorthShoreBuilt says:

just because u can surf good doesnt mean your not a kook

wulf67 says:

Don’t ditch your board, you kook!

Jeno Mikael Sario says:

Jamie is living the life! I’m stuck here at an office job. 

Josh Randal says:

As an old fart I just can’t help but marvel at these idle sportsmen with their monstrous egos and their ever increasing numbers. There had to be a downside to 1’s and 0’s I suppose. The upside is I won’t have to deal with their ilk on the way to work, at work, or on youtube because where I am going they are not. Out.

UCSDEngineerDoctor says:

SO FUCKING STUPID – RED BULL you are responsible for ANDY IRONS death. Surfers like Andy Irons & Jamie O’Brien all did drugs(barbiturates), & they drink RED BULL to wake up. Smoking weed, oxycotin – this party RED BULL life style is what KILLED ANDY IRONS. ANDY was Alprazolam, (Xanax) Zolpidem, (Ambien), & other pain killers than TAKES RED BULL so that he can function. It fucks up your body. Sad to see it, he is going down the same path as Andy Irons.

Alvin Cawilan says:

this guy loves to hump endangered turtles..fucking white people (haoles). you white surfers are just like your slaves (black people) when you are out in the ocean lol

Dale Bergeron says:

Who had this board for such a low price??

Brando 1250 says:

jamies so sick! like how he tells cashier at costco he just learning lmao. mad rep dude can do what he want

Q Antoine Vahdani says:

That chick in the cow add is hot

Jadi says:

“figure itd be good to learn on” lol

Luke J says:

Why is it age restricted tha fuck

T D says:

the Surfer having the most fun is the Best!
Jamie your having the most!
mad respect 😉 Aloha

Kernow Current says:

whats the music called

islandlifestylephoto says:

more like 3-4 max brah but def good point its still dangerous

fishing for life says:

could you try to surf some beaters at pipeline that would really be something fun to watch

Steve Sett says:


maattttt07 says:


Amit Naamani says:

4:50 damn beautiful

Jack Loechner says:

Does anyone know the name of the song starting at 2:17 ?

Horizon FX says:

Makin fun of my soft tops xD hahahahaha hey it’ll be alright.

Nicolás Magnacca says:

Hi, can you tell me where that place is? And the price you paid in costco? Thanks

Thomas HAGSSERTY says:

I dropped out of school for surfing so I live the lifestyle but JOB does it right

Clint James says:

Who had did board to dothat

RainerBainer.B.S says:

“figured it would be good to learn on” hahahahahahahaha

anthony falconetti says:

well the soft top did fine-just what it was supposed to do- he was surfing a few outer reef bombs and it did pretty good- and he did good on the SUP- but he is a great surfer/waterman..40% of surfing big waves is confidence and commitment to the drop..once you are past the hestitation point and go for are gonna do pretty well…if you can surf at all.

Kelly Slater says:

I just want to address 1 thing to you. YOLO

islandlifestylephoto says:

nah brah there are definently some 4 foot 8 faces going on out there on that day

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