Should You Buy A Tandem Kayak?

From time to time I get asked on my channel from folks if they should buy a tandem kayak? My very first kayak was a tandem sit on top kayak. A Jackson Big Tuna Kayak. A lot of people have this vision in their heads of taking their other half or their children out on awesome adventures in a tandem kayak. I did. I envisioned that from time to time my wife and I would go out on my tandem and just have a great time. In reality, after our first trip in the tandem kayak, she told me she wanted a kayak of her own. That left me with a kayak that I might not have chosen if I knew she wanted her own kayak. I have a definite opinion on tandem kayaks that you will see in the video. This is just my opinion and I hope that I can help you make a decision if you are considering a tandem kayak for yourself.

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Richard Pitcock says:

I’m gonna have to have one of those cool ass stickers!

Jaxx Drinkwater says:

Great video and I agree but I wish you would have waited to put his video out after My tandem sold. lol


Hi.. nice opinion. im planning for ocean fishing. do i need tandem kayak?

SteegeFish says:



which is better plastic made or fiber ? for ocean

Jim Cyr says:

absolutely gotta try them out before you buy. So glad I only imagined the dog and maybe the child and not the wife LOL 😉 Funny that my tandem is only 11 inches longer than my preferred solo kayak. but it’s something you consider only if you’ve done a few paddles.

NVofus says:

You just made “watching paint dry” exciting, after watching this boring review.

shlisa shell says:

No different than a bicycle. Most people want their own.

BratsNMustard says:

Great stuff. I personally am a big fan of tandem kayaks. But not all tandems. I like the ones that can be converted into a solo. I spend quite a few hours each summer introducing anglers to kayak fishing and it is nice to be able to put them in my front seat for a while the first time they try to fish from a kayak. I am also very fond of the solos as well. Once again you’ve give some great advice and another excellent video.



Smell N Roses says:

I’ve had a kayak on my mind for a long time, I watch a lot of great kayaking adventures and think ‘heck yeah I want in on that.’ Of course I had the same thoughts about the tandem but I quickly came to the realization that it’s not the way to go. After watching this video I have confirmed that I was right 98.36249% of the time! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

PaTricked Out says:

I had the exact same thoughts about fishing with my wife. Then the day we went to the kayak dealer to buy a Jackson Big Tuna, she was totally honest and said she wasn’t the least bit interested in going fishing with me. I sighed, probably in relief, and bought a Hobie Outback!

Terry McAuliffe says:

Thank you for the advice. My current situation is four grandchildren ranging from 1 year to 9 years. I live near a small lake and have a town pass to bring in kayaks to launch. We’ve enjoyed kayaks on vacation – but always tandem.  Sit on tops.

I had been thinking about purchasing two tandems but will DEFINITELY not based on your remarks.  A small kayak will do just fine and everyone will be happy. I’d purchase two of them.

However it would be great if one of those one-person kayaks was big enough for an adult plus a young child to “comfortably” ride together for a half hour or so.

Any thoughts?

earlbroussardjr says:

Can I have a sticker please?????

C Breeze says:

Tandem kayaks are in a unique class and you certainly need to have a person or “team” that both agree to fish together before you purchase the tandem. One upshot to most of the new tandems is that you can move the seat around and paddle it solo if and when you need to …. maybe what people may want to do it go to a “demo” day on the water with the person they will be using the tandem with before purchase so that both parties will have the chance to experience paddling with another person and then trying out some kayaks for themselves on the same day. Great video and thanks for your thoughts.

Smell N Roses says:

Oh and yeah I want a sticker!

Brian Mowers says:

Totally agree! The wife is fiercely independent so no tandem for us. Try before you buy! BTW, the car my sticker went on is now my sons so I need another one. I know…I’m kinda needy.

Scott Taylor says:

I bought a two person canoe so my wife could go out with me. She’s only went two times. I’m feeling you.

Jake Sherron says:

I want a sticker

Axel De Jesus says:

I will never get into anything tandem (kayak, bike…) Nope, not for me. It usually ends up in a fight. 🙂

Jerry Ehrlich says:

I have had some great times with my daughter and my wife in my pescador rambler tandem, I turned it into a fishing kayak. but my next kayak will be a single seater. Send me a sticker!

River Jumper says:

(((((((Totally agree!)))) I have been going on canoe trips all my life, it was always a problem, after you plan a trip someone not showing up and there have been times were I had to go solo because on a trip because someone belled, and then if you get 2 people that have class A personality’s well you know where that ends up. So 2015 I purchased a one man Jackson Kilroy Kayak and love it. I can just go and don’t have to depend on anyone. I won’t to explorer a area, I just go explorer. A one man kayak give someone so much independence. Ps. I would love to have a sticker, love your video’s

Pete Meuser says:

I agree because I have one. It is difficult for two people to have an enjoyable time when it seems you are always working against eachother. It is great as a single driver, however. Yes it is big and heavy but I have busted a few waves at the beach with it. Right now I’m kinda stuck with it but it’s better than no kayak. Right?

Stephanie Crisco says:

I want a sticker


Hey that was more of a relationship video. Good advise though. I have a solo aventure island. Wish I had gotten a tandem jusr for the occassional friend that might want me to join me. BUT hard enough to get my solo up on the truck!!!

Brian Davis says:

I have two younger boys (now 10 and 12) and the Tandem (Twin Heron) is perfect. Put one in the tandem with me and one in anther single. They switch off when they get tired. One barely gets his paddle wet but loves riding with me. Without a tandem we could never do river trips over a few miles. However, two adults in a tandem? Nope.

John Tyler says:

I have the big tuna and it has been great for taking my grandson with me and we have had some excellent trips together. Now have a granddaughter cant wait for those special moments together so its not just about the wife boys.Oh and the dog loves it to.

houston bullgator says:

I first bought a Sea Ghost 130 and when I brought it home on the suburban, my wife said, Where do I sit? So I found a Jackson Big Tuna tandem, also brought home on the suburban, and we have yet to ever go kayaking. So now I have 2 kayaks, and we still have never bend kayaking. LOL But we are still planning on kayaking. We live in Houston. Send stickers please

steve grey says:

I have the Jackson big tuna kayak. Wasn’t what I wanted, but to keep the peace it’s what I got. I will keep it, use it whenever someone wants to go with me. But between you and me I will be getting my own personal kayak. I love fishing in them. btw. I love your channel. send me a sticker please. thanks.

Dutch Built Homes says:

I want a sticker bro!

Randy Provost says:

I have been looking at tandem kayak options. I don’t get back state side until Nov 2018 but my son will be six then and I hope he’d want to go with me. I was thinking an Ultimate 14.5 for him and I.

2nd Chance George says:

pahhh. I dont need a sticker. I got the second one ever sent out… always need another sticker. My one person kayak has 2, ill say again 2 sides to it and I only have one sticker….dammit.
oh yes I agree Tandem dont work. Most times your partner lands up wanting there own. And you know how they nag about getting directions……lol. back seat drivers. shut up and paddle……another good video with great advise. as Always 2CG

BeyondTheBounds says:

Would John Wayne approve?

Brett says:

I’m a Whitewater kayaker only. Usually class 4 and 3 rivers.

I agree with you 101% My lady once asked me if we could do tandem. I said hell no!

It’s now 3 years later, and she laughs at that idea now.

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