One is Done & That’s That!

Here it is! Atua rapping a song in a very jungle, surfer, minimalistic style, check here.
Minimal Man Official Music Video

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Trojan kid says:

Wow you have come so far from the beginning.

Alyssa Spencer says:


Kristen Kay says:

Was recently surfing in Playa Grande and lovedddd it! Thought of you all!

Soren S says:

Yay more Posts Please!!!

Ana Hendrickx says:

Keep on posting

Joseph Cavallo says:

We love your posts

Will Hammond says:

Yay more videos! Q&A what size waves are good for a 5 foot tall kid to learn to tube ride?/ beach breaks or point breaks. I live in Santa Barbara, CA (near Rincon).

GAMINGwithRyan says:

You guys are awesome make more videos I love watching them

ThatSurfer Monty says:

Please upload more as you inspire me so much

Will Hopkins says:

Yeh keep on posting we love it

Save Nick says:

Stick to surfing

Moo Land says:

Do a house tor

Jils Faber says:

Love the transfer from the skateboard to the surfboard


Why one dislike

אחיעד יבדייב says:

The best

Nik Ferguson says:

Finally ! You guys better not leave us again !! I was going crazy !!!!!!

M Muscarello says:

Come back

Dylan Masson says:

Missed you guys so so much, please keep posting

ben floyd says:

Where have you guys been ??

Jack Buckingham says:

You guys HAVE to make more videos!!

EthanRoberts says:

You guys should go surf pavones. Possibly one of the best left point breaks in the world. In costa rica

Caycay Y says:

You guys Inspire me so much and I actually live in Costa Rica too

isaac lope says:

Pick me please big fan

Finnegan Goldinger says:

1st comment

Hayes Voyles says:

Can y’all make a. Keep on how to become comfortable going the opposite way your used to on yur surfboard. For example it feels completely natural for me to go right because I’m a righty but I need to learn how to go left

Outdoor Diy's says:

Please do a how to noseride for longboarding !

All About That React says:

Great transition

Sandy Lizaba says:

Go back to surfing minimal man….

Three kid Vlogs says:

Love your vids you guys should come to California we own a Airbnb hit me up on insta @Zach_ 1705

green luis says:

Today i take my first green wave ever, in Playa Jaco. Thats thankk to you guys. All i have to say to you guys is Thank you.

Tatiana Calzadilla says:


Noah Hernandez says:


Creed Pritt says:

Can u guys film more barrels

lolive says:

Woooo another video !!!

Miles says:

Do More Longboarding Videos!

magic cheeseball says:

i hope you do more videos again now that you have that space:)

Asa James says:

When did your town get a real skate park? Awesome new covered loft, I’m jealous

kaiden panagiotidis says:

Pls keep making vids love you guy

Kelly Moore says:

nice bowl

Dane Keahi says:

Please post more SURFING

Elise Roth says:

hi guys ! I gladly saw your return on youtube and i couldn’t be more happy. I have the chance to travel all the way from Europe to Costa Rica this Monday for a 3 weeks trips, and I would like to know if it could be possible to meet up sometimes. I would love you to show me and my family around, if we happened to stumble upon your area .
Thank you guys for your content, I love it !

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