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ConsiseGalaxy says:

+Adrian Vlad this is a great idea for filmer boards if the skaters want to do a longer line after a set of stairs they can the 8 wheel skateboard can go down the stairs smoothly and the skater and do a longer line

sam rafanan says:

300 is actually not half bad for that, you gotta remember it comes with more wheels barings and trucks. sometimes a full setup cost almost the same amount dude. like some boards are in the 60 to 80 sometimes 90 dollar range, plus griptape, trucks, barrings, and wheels, maybe even hardware like screws. it practically come out to almost 250. i mean of coarse me and you buy like 30 dollar boards but people buy for the brand man, some people would waste like 84 dollars for like a girl or primitive board and such

Lsher Sheron says:

Oh my gosh quit complaining it’s fun to ride down stars and it rides like heaven

Blitz 41026 says:

You can basically make a stair rover by buying tandem trucks and extra wheels and bearings for a price of a bout $70.

Eric Bourne says:

dude, 1, who the fuck cares it its “new technology” or not. thats not the point. the point is that now i can actually buy it and rip it cause it looks TITS. before a couple weeks ago i had no fucking idea that these ever existed so whether or not its old tech it irrelevant. 2, high end longboard is upwards of 400. i would never buy a $400 longboard, but there are people that would buy it and thats why they exist at that price point; i found these on ebay and they were 30 dollars for the set. im TOTALLLY getting them for an oldschool pool/cruiser just for shits. And 3, learn how to fucking enunciate whe you’re making a video. it sounds like you’re talking with food in your mouth ffsakes.

overall you made a shitty video.

ConsiseGalaxy says:

The 8 wheel skateboard is good for a expensive cruiser with 2 sets of cruiser wheels

Blitz 41026 says:

No, it’s not dumb, it’s a stupid skate.

Cloxxki says:

Could you do a roll comparison test against a regular setup with similar wheels, on a gravel road or shallow grass hill? It would be cool of this setup could truly unlock dirt roads. There’s more to the world than man made surfaces. OK, a dirt road is just that, a road, but less “neat”.

Basketball Doctor says:

Dude! You van buy this thing for 100- 200 bucks! Which the price of a regular skateboard! So don’t give it a bad review because you didn’t do your research!

BaNaNaJoE 17O8 says:

after 17 seconds of watching this, i wanna die

Ondo Tonko says:

time wasted

adamnoire says:

Terrible idea! Just like Ripstiks and other pieces of shit like that

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