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Atua’s Channel


LPMC says:

Great vid can u do a video of u guys actually surfing

blaze 420 says:

damn they go for like $100-$200 i thought they would be like $20

Saddest surf channel of 2016 says:

Who’s your favorite surfer?

Kierra2003 says:

what camera do you use?

mat dinkleburg says:

dudes stoned lol

Gabriel Barella says:

5:06 huge legs hahaha

My Domain69 says:

what is the of tube size have to be?? i would guess like 4-6 inch wide

Matthew Somera says:

Kid looks exactly like carl from shameless it’s crazy

Vicenzo Salvador says:

i just bought one!

NicholasLouw says:

try a kick flip on a surfboard XD

Noah. J vlogs says:

I surf and is snow board and I surf. Do i still need a Indo board

Андрей Нижников says:

И на воде ведь хочется кататься!

Jack Williams-cox says:

if I lived by a beach I would just surf and go spearfishing every day you guys should make another channel and make it about living off the land and spearing fish that would awesome!!! keep up the good videos

Pete Truin says:

Great vibes

Brodie Stewart says:

Yew legends

Yuriy Astakhov says:

really helpful for practicing with the Indo-Board at home after initial stage of finding a balance, etc has been passed. Thanks, guys!

Андрей Нижников says:

Да я разобъюсь. На воде сплошные синяки, а на суше на костылях, как Шаповалов.

Drew Worthy says:

This video helps me a lot because where I live the waves are really mushy so my feet are usually farther up on the board but when the waves get bigger and steeper I sometimes forget to move my back foot all the way back on the kick pad when doing turns.

Lara Kocsis says:

What could you use for the cylinder underneath if you were to make your own?

Matt Landie says:

Make more videos of Atua surfing! I’m 13 and would like some tips for snaps from a kid also.

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