I Need Your Help For A Sec

I have a really important question i want to ask you guys from the surfing communtiy

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Phoenix Bancroft says:

Hey I’m from Australia and I would think that it is a great idear to run a surf company and I have always wanted to run a surf company and also I am a way better surfer now watching all of your videos. Thanks

Ryan Taylor says:

I like the wooden boards

gspainhour says:

So, why not keep the factory in CR and develop the name there? I agree, seems like there’s a bunch of competition among shapers in the U.S. Too many cookie-cutter boards. But hey, when you’re up and running I’ll support you guys and buy a board! One thing that you could do is give a quiver to several retail stores to loan out as demos. I’m friends with the owner of a shop here in Hawaii who would prob take in a few to demo. Let me know if and when you’re ready to do that! Aloha!

Matthew Eastlake says:

I would buy one if there decent and if you can ship to uk? Love your videos <3

Aidan _ says:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Go ahead with the surfboard brand. It could help the surfing community so much. For example, I want a good beginner board that is a real surfboard, not a soft top, and I want it to be like a shortboard shape. It’s extremely hard to find a board with this in mind that would come for a good price

Tomas Rodriguez says:

In my opinion great idea using your exposure you can get a really big crowd plus if the boards are good it will totally be a gold mine let me know if you guys need money and if you do decide to do it i will buy you a board just find a way to ship it to CR

Philip Pope says:

I think it is good idea. It will be great if we can send you videos of us surfing and you could tell us what board to get because most people don’t have a clue what to get

Connor Chin says:

now I’m no expert at all but I think this is a great idea

SurfingwithBen says:

I have my own business as a surf instructor and I teach in Malibu. I’m also an ambassador/testpilot for a surfboard company. Right now we are fine tuning a perfect noserider. We pretty much have it all dialed in, the only thing I asked the shaper is to make the board a bit heavier. What kind of questions do you have?

Ian Richardson says:

I’d buy a board as long as they are good boards

Mike Robinson's ZOOM says:

I agree with De Hermannen…
Nevertheless, here’s another thought or two about getting $$ situations, keeping in mind that buckets of sweat don’t mean buckets of success. 1.) Picking something you know is good (ie: surf things). I’m a car guy; I know cars. I like to make movie cars. My latest car was in Independence Day Resurgence. It made me $12,000. Now sweat on my part. More are on the way. 2.) It’s easier to be a silent partner in a friend’s success. We have a cattle ranch in New Mexico. The tax considerations always pay off. 3.) Simple stuff is always overlooked, when picking something. “Penny Stocks” have a lot of potential. … P e n n y S t o c k s 4.) As a side thing, would it make sense to create private cool videos for people at the Surf School etc. etc. You guys have all the right gear and skills to create short productions, which people might be willing to pay for. And, there isn’t any up front money, just a little bit of time.

Nicholas Hale says:

Yeah you should do it! That would be so cool!!!!!

Serena B. says:

I think that’s a pretty awesome idea! especially if you could help people pick out like a board that would be great for them personally etc. I know it’s a little scary trying to find a good board for yourself

Gabriel Lugo says:

good idea if you have a LOT of money to invest and for advertizing you should make the headquarters in California where most of the us surfs

Sean Ross says:

id buy a board if their relativly cheap

Scott Awaywithit says:

the life.

dizzeepetee says:

IMO if you do it, make it a local custom surfboard company, and charge less than the big names, this way local talent will be more likely to jump on your equipment. Get yourself a CAD machine, get an expert to design a few models for you, hire a glasser, and some people to work on sanding down your boards. Don’t know if you have many talented craftsmen down there but you’ll need them. Maybe you focus more on the marketing and overseeing the business as a whole if you don’t have hands on experience shaping already. Hope this helps.

Dave Hudec says:

I hate to be negative, but I’m thinking maybe not. I mean, you guys are crushing it with the videos. But, a new line of boards? There are so many surfboard companies out there already. If you feel like you’ve got something unique to add to the market, then yes, totally. Go for it. But, if it’s just another decent surfboard? Well, there are already a ton of good surfboards available. Know what I mean? P.S. Love the channel.

Spencer Muller says:

That would be sick if you sponsored people! You Guys could be my second sponsor! The idea sounds really cool

Jake says:

totally a good idea, because you will still be able to do what you are now, there is no way he will be able to push out enough boards for you to only be reviewing boards… i say jump in

De Hermannen says:

If you ask my advise, I would say, don’t do this.  Although the idea is appealing, it’s very difficult to make money with it. to much work, to much competition, to much money needed, to much partners, no real business manager, …  I can understand you want to build on the succes of your YT channel and make some money with it, but this will not be the right path.  It will take many years to make some profit, and by that time, at least one or two partners has already left, etc..  I would suggest to build further on your channel, make your own clothing line and partner up with an existing board company to make a special ‘ISURFTRIBE’ line.  You keep doing what you like to do and make more money out of it.  Let’s face it, the big surf gear companies make only real money on clothes, they need the boards and the rest just for their image.Good luck anyway you chose.

Burrito Ninja says:

Start out by selling brand merchandise (stickers,hats,shirts,ect.). After a while of selling and creating a brand, start to move into your ultimate goal-selling boards-. But I highly recommend growing a brand somewhat locally as well as in the states. Just remember, there are millions of reasons why you shouldn’t do it, but as long as you are passionate and confident with what you are selling, you can overcome every obstacle.

Ryan Taylor says:

Do the boards I would buy one

Geovanny88 says:

where do you guys usually surf?

Gavin Pearce says:

Gday from Newcastle Australia!! Seems like a great idea mate! I love your channel! I’d definitely try one of your boards out! And it would be heaps interesting watching your progress and the process! Go for it!!

Offthe Lip says:

live in San Diego, and previously worked in the surf industry. Making surfboards is very difficult to make profitable. To make any real money you need to get your boards on the racks in surf shops. Surf shops aren’t going to carry your boards until you developed your name brand, and get pro’s to ride your boards. It’s essentially impossible, or it will take 15 years. Or you could go the small shaper route and shape boards for individual buyers. This is a bad idea. No money in it. Boards are expensive to make (materials and overhead) and there’s so much competition on the market. The small shaper route will net you $150 profit per board. Split that between your parters, no money. If you try, good luck.

Kevin Warming says:

That would be sick! Great idea.

Omri Lavi says:

I think its a great idea to experience something different and new!

Hunter Haynes17 says:

id buy a board from you guys no problem

Kristen Kay says:

I’m not sure. I feel like owning a business would be a ton of work and may take away from other things you enjoy doing. But then again it could be awesome if you really like what you are doing/ creating

Ollie Bruce says:

Q and A question – I am unable to surf for a year, what shall I do in the meantime to still improve

Matt Levy says:

I say give it a go. With your friend being an expert shaper the quality of your surfboards will be great. Your other friend is a coach so his students would probably be trying out the boards and contributing their feedback and if they’re good surfers their feedback would be awesome. Also if the coach’s students are doing contests more people would see the surfboards and that would be good publicity. As for you guys your subscribers would all give your boards a try because we’d be seeing the videos on how they are made and how they work so before we buy we’d already have a great idea of what the boards are like, and you can’t say the same for any other surfboard company. Also You guys are really connected to your community so i’m sure all of your community would be buying your boards.

I hope what I said helps!

Garret Healy says:

to make a small fortune you have to start with a big one

surferjo says:

hey, i think your idea is pretty cool, but i also think that its pretty hard to get a name out there because there are hundreds of brands already… but yeah, i still like the idea!

Ryan Wilson says:

My 2 cents, as a total newbie… I live in Oregon and am currently looking for a board from a local shaper, assuming they know our breaks better than I do, and would be putting my trust in their knowledge of our local conditions, etc. I have no idea if I’m in the minority of consumers on this or not, though.

max houghton says:

sounds a great idea

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