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Shane Daniels-Giles says:

What happent to your mimy

Brian Kim says:

Question: Whenever I cross-step towards the nose of my 9ft long board (I’m 5’9″, 175 lbs) and try to nose ride, I find that my nose dives. What are some tips I can do to not nose dive while I’m trying to nose ride?

Jordan Neal says:

Q&A i surf goofy but when i skate board i am natrail because it feels more comfitable do you think i should change to goofy.

Theo Shaw says:

What are 3 big challenges you face surfing in Costa Rica?

Templo Shalom says:

Thanks GGG but im going to chalenge myself and get a short board, what size should I get?

colby silagy says:

do not forget to change your profile picture +ISURFTRIBE

Lara Kocsis says:


nate cassavoy says:

Can you guys do a how to duck dive video

Andy Brown says:

Good answers. Covered a lot of stuff I’ve been wondering as a noob surfer. Thanks!

Rens Henckens says:

Where can i buy a isurftrube hood

Silas Gramaglia says:

Could you guys get a Catch Surf Beater Board and do a review on it?
I’ve looked all around and none of them are in depth or any good quality (at least the ones I have found)
thanks so much!

Stefan Natsis says:

how do I make my pop up quicker and faster

Gabriel Pinhão says:

hey guys which mannuvers are the easiest for beginners?

Mike Robinson's ZOOM says:

Hi, i Surf Tribe:  Someone once said, “It’s difficult to pick up a needle while wearing a boxing glove”.  You do a really great job with the to the point answers.  That’s a big help; because, I’m in the very begging stages of surfing — boxing glove mode.  Right now it’s one trip a year to Huntington Beach, Ca. (and now and then at Big Surf, here in Arizona).  But, that’s OK (part of the plan of eventually being in Florida full time).  People use a lot of surf terms in your videos.  Sometimes, it’s the first time I’ve heard of them.  Do you have a video with short really quick looks showing what each term/technique looks like?  Actually, you do such a good job, someone should pick you up for one of those cable/satellite channels.

Jim says:

Looking where you want to go is so huge! I’ve heard & known that & tried to do it in the water but what really brought it home was skateboarding. I’m skating more as part of my conditioning & trying to do back-hand carving turns without looking over my shoulder just doesn’t work. Also try to get in the water on a regular basis. Many times at Rincon CA it looked like there was no swell so I’d just paddle around the point for exercise. Does wonders for your paddling conditioning. There never was a time when at least something you could ride didn’t come along as a nice bonus. After driving 2 hours to get there there was no way I wasn’t going to get wet!

Sam Geddes says:

How to be ISURFTRIBE: Q- how can I convince my mom to let me get a car? A- We have a video on that too

flin mckinnon says:

Q&a have you ever thought of trying to change atua’s style

Kelvin Burke says:

What do you like about your boards?
Have you experimented with other setups and if so what do you like about your boards compared to those you’ve tried (ie fin setup, length, width, rocker etc)?
Keep up the great videos!

Davis O. says:

Hello. Question: I surf weak waves about 1-3 feet tall with a 6’3 fish. I was wondering if there was any fun tricks or techniques to try with these type of waves

Lea Gaming says:

Hi guys I don’t get to surf often as I live inland in England is there anyway to still practice without being in the ocean.

Alfie Turner says:

Q&a: what fins would you recommend me, i surf 1-4 ft waves three fin on a 5’6 shortboard looking for a responsive acceleration fin fcs II

Xpres ssnap says:

I just surfed for the first tim yesterday and I used a 6.0 board and had not troubke standing buy im scared of sharks

Clay Myers says:

Q: do you think all the fin technology is really going to make a difference in your surfing.

kris ham says:

Hi guys, great videos, I’m from England and I surf, I learning to do airs, do you think it is a good idea to copy a pros style or should I just learn it naturally? Thanks keep up the good work!

Rodrigo Freitas says:

love your videos keep up whith the good work 😀

Jake Keville says:

Hey if you guys are ever in San Diego and wanna local to show you around don’t hesitate to ask!

Mo Danniel says:

what helps me not to nosedive is looking Straight to the beach or the wave and never Look to your board. at First you might feel like you Have to Look if your board isn’t nosediving but if you never Look at your board you won’t ever nosedive

Sam Geddes says:

Q and A: I have a problem of grabbing my rail overtime I go down the face and I can’t let go because they are short waves and I don’t want to waste time. Any ways to break this habbit?

Alex Rumi says:

In my air revs I keep under rotating and clipping my rail any tips


Hey since I got my snap/reentry down what maneuver/trick should I try next. Keep up the good work

Zach Echo says:

Thanks so much for the content, I went from a complete noob to intermediate in less than 3 weeks

xXZmoney1 Xx says:

+isurftribe what are tips for paddling out and surfing at a really long perfect point break?

Jack Madden says:

SUMMARY: Q – How do I surf better? A – Go surfing.

Lachie Meakes says:

Hey guys’ love your channel’ i have recently mastered floaters on bigger waves but am horrible at foam climbs. they seem to be helpful in comps. Atua is great at them, could he run through how he does them and do they relate to floaters.

kilian schuett says:

Q&A : Hey guys i’m 15 and i surf on a 6″0/20″/2″ 3/4, i want to surf shorter but i don’t know what board i could take. I live in france in hossegor.

Addis Ray says:

Hey if you guys go on a surf trip soon you should try go to a place called gnaraloo it’s in Western Australia about 12 hours north of Perth city you should go at winter time there in going there at June the 21 last year I went and it is an amazing place with amazing waves and it gets pretty heavy at tombstones the main break when it gets 6 ft plus which will be good for atua to go out at last year I went out there 6 to 8 ft and I was scared for my life I was only 13 album it made me more confident and it was so fun it you should watch some footage of it it is just massive barrels in corral reef but you will be fine if you just go the 4 to 5 footer like I did last year but other then when it’s big it has perfect waves for groms

Reily Tong says:

Q/A- hey guys I’m looking to buy a new surfboard, the board I ride now is 5’6x18x2 3/16, I feel like I don’t surf well on it but when I surf on my friends 5’2x18x2 I will surf much better, I asked around and all the people I surf with say I should get a shorter board, what should I do

Callum Musselwhite says:

Pls answer this in video every time I try to cut back from a bottom turn my my opposite rail dips down and I slow down and lose the wave

Short films ABC says:

I weight 53 kg and have a 6,8 when I try to turtle roll the water pushes me a lot… Do you think I am just not heavy enough? If not what I am doing wrong?

Liam Grainger says:

I’m a 4 5 I surf a six board how to get more speed

Gln A says:

Thanks guys.

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