Hobie adventure Island Surfing

Day 2 of a Six day Journey at the southern tip of the Australian mainland.

More surfing the Adventure Island….


OzRemoteWorker says:

Is the mast camera gimballed freely, and angled to aim at the mast base? Great idea.

Alistair Kelsall says:

You need my tweakers Mat, check out my mods video, they give you much better sail control when reaching and more power 🙂

Mat Coburn says:

I bought the A.I in 2009 and fitted the nose cone IMMEDIATELY after taking it out in waves……………….i was disappointed of the performance of an ordinary A.I after spending 4 grand on it….nose cone changed all that!

jose Dias says:

yes from Florida USA i have the same question about your camera setup .Thx

Wayne Deptuck says:

I would also love to see the mast cam setup, as it looks like you have some kind of a wind vane/fin on it to keep it in position.
No idea how I’m going to get the Spirit wave deflector here in Canada, but it looks great too.

Alistair Kelsall says:

Our boats look identical now, the nose cone works great. Thanks for the videos, glad to see you still round up in the big waves.

Abisal12 says:

You can gain a lot of speed sailing downwind and waves. How about going on long trips? Did you find a fault or problem of some kind? thanks

Tommy Jensen says:

Great video! If you ever have a chance I’d like to see a picture of your camera mount setup. Thanks for sharing.

Alexander Kvale says:

Cool camera mount on the top of the mast. Gopro on a 360 swinging rod?

rollerboy says:

lol, if it hasn’t come out of kayak bob or one of the hawai boys garage it never gets merit.
by the way nice action in your Ai.

Mat Coburn says:

taah pete…..every weekend 4 next month

MudaholicJr says:

Hobie Adventure Submarine!

Dominic Silla says:

Hey Matt, I am sure you were asked this already but can you share the way you set your camera up? I can’t figure out how you get it up so high above the mast? Dom

Abisal12 says:

Very good! I like this wave deflector…

Michael Skorulski says:

Cool video. I just bought a tandem Island. I was wondering how you would land in surf without destroying the boat?

Angry says:

love your vids,i’d be interested in making a similar mast camera mount in the future. I’ve just started a channel for my AI. I’m playing with combining video footage with a google earth tour sourced from an Iphone GPS app which i had on when sailing around. Check it out on my channel (its the only video at the moment!)

Mat Coburn says:

Wave was pretty steep and the wind was onshore. This wind direction means that as you catch the wave the sail deflates …. so the forward uplift on the nose disappears and the nose goes under. The A.I doesn’t have much rocker in the waterline…its not really surf-craft…..but it fun to explore its weaknesses!

Mat Coburn says:

Yes Damien…you have to aim cam at the Mast base to get the whole rig in centre of shot. Ive broken a few prototypes….and in fear of breaking this one I’d used in the Vid…thanks for watching!!! Every Sun. new vid for a month or so

Mat Coburn says:

played with a few prototypes…..and destroyed some metal but got it going now…i will need to get one more precisely engineered to take the rough treatment hanging from a windsurfers mast is big waves. …..this will take some serious skill to stay on the wave….control the sail…and absorb the gyroscopic forces thru the masts on your arms…..i can do it!!!

Jace Hunt says:

Is the wave deflector available on line? Or is it something you manufactured?
Where can I get one? Do you thing it would also fit the Tandem Island?
Great work Matt, very inventive.

Michael Skorulski says:

Wonderful vid !

Mat Coburn says:


julien6541 says:

What’s the name of the song?

Mat Coburn says:

Al…..its funny how the Hobie crew on the hobie forums dont see the merit in it. This summer i will make some more ambitious vids.

Peter Ratz says:

Very nice videos and the music is very fitting. Thanks for sharing and keep posting new videos, they are so very enjoyable.

Mat Coburn says:

Not sure of the width of a tandem compared to the A.I. but the nose cone is built for a different make of boat.I know that hobie owners are asking for them from a W.A kayak company….check vid on nose cone…..

d phinn says:

Great vid!!! Could you show us a picture of the mast camera setup? I’ve seen other mast cams, but they are all static. Yours is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Will post some vids from the Pacific Northwest and our Hobie TI.

FindYourJP says:

Thumbs up!!!
Good idea I learnt your way of 360 degree camera mount and would like to try this way in my next film.
Greetings from Japan(^^)

ian robinson says:

Great video but it doesn’t look like the deflector is deflecting the water 2 mins in you can see your kayak get flooded.
I would suggest using the the water deflectors from hobie, they work very well or better still the cheaper ones I bought work better still as they are solid water proof material so when a big wave hits it the wave really does deflet back down to the sea. I will do another video shortly showing how they work in conditions similar to these, then you can make your own mind up.

Mat Coburn says:

…..that does look good……..well done!

יאיר כידן says:

HI Mat,
what can yuo tell on the wave deflector when the aft was so deep under water?

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