Hi Shredability: Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach

Pro surfers Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach ride across country on Harley motorcycles.

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muxy23 says:

Wow boring as F@&%K

M M says:

was that a trailer for hangover 4

Taylor Patterson says:

worst surf video ever

Max Trezise says:

and faggot #3

WTFhappenedWITHyou says:

i’m pretty sure most of the people who disliked this didn’t even watch the entire thing

dasmegacool says:

what was that 1st song?

soloist bob says:

well they cant take like 4 boards each on their bikes can they dickhead

madmax1442 says:

yeah this shit is boring

Pig Dog Productions says:

Warning! Do not watch.

dwigzo15 says:

What about the last song?

Spanagian says:

srsly, that dude without a cap is fucking good-looking. No homo.

krusher74 says:

They dont even mention what bike brand they are, or show any brand logos, look like two rental bikes to me. Its it product placement its pretty shitty.

Nathan Moore says:

dude, 14:00-15:30 at the restaurant made me laugh my ass off, funny scene right there

VegasSeth says:

Am I the only one that enjoyed this? This is every man’s dream here. Surf, ride bikes, chill on the ocean, drink beer.

xwhite2020 says:

fuck me, I’d rather stab myself in the eyes than watch that again.

Florida Scot says:

They are Sportsters

James c says:

Harley Davidson Iron 883’s! sick bikes

pacovl46 says:

It says Harley in the description and this clip isn’t about the bikes, but the 2 guys riding across the country.

Sean MacDonald says:

come on gotta go in between swells and make my home break look like shit all the trips to indo are planned to be during a swell but never the east coast ones

Jon Towers says:

Even gave Ship Frye props @ (717)

cje5055 says:

fuck yeah, i don’t think they get it.

Uncensored says:


pacovl46 says:

Of course honey! If it means that much to you! 😉

eric slovak says:

fuk.i know these guys can surf but fuck.brand new sportys?where’s jason jesse when u need him.?rollin’ a chopped pan…..these guys come accross as fags..

Marijo Jukic says:

To bad a driving licence here in Croatia costs over $1K USD

Thomas V. says:

Fags, lol

Michael Dujsik says:


Brad Smith says:

True surfer
even if it small to nothing,convince your self that it could happen if the Tide was right etc…

Ho Stevie! says:

Gerlach my man

Shawna Simpson says:

this ladie shares that sweet sweet dream..

Ishmael Tarwater says:

grim reaper blues-the entrance band

Mrjtbaker21 says:

Can I be faggot #3?

Timmy Poo says:


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