GoPro: Return to the Ditch – Tandem Kayak

Rush Sturges and Ben Marr, return to the ditch with a new weapon of choice in their quiver, the Tandem Kayak. Watch as they attempt to conquer something never been done before.

Shot 100% on the HERO® cameras from ‪

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MegaAkselerator says:

Only white guys would do this

Mom Merlos says:

That water looks good

Gator Roadie says:

Gonna clothesline yourself with that paddle.

Nu Raz says:

Damn that’s a new level of Craaaazy!!!!!

Rabbi Islam says:

Fuck Me

S_hift says:

1:38 “bro u ready?”

André Dias says:

Cringe video, atleast wear protection for your eye man. One lash away.

But looked pretty awesome (:

Graham Salisbury says:

Where is this at?

Bama Gixxer says:


Frank Lin says:


Nyssiss says:

Cool, but the idea of the go-pro is to see stuff from your POV. Not up at your face thats mostly covered by a helmet anyway.

DragonX1092 GRY says:

(O_O) wow wow wow WTF I have seen

Seth Baker says:

It’s more fun to do crazy shit without cameras. Do it for the fun, not for the thumb!

Eric Zimmerman says:

These guys are pretty bad ass.

Heather Harer says:

thats dope

﴾ ﴿ says:

learn your knots and you dont have to cut any rope..

Gus Y says:


Spiritisalive1 says:

So being the front guy, is not really the best seat in the kayak….for all you kiddos screaming, “I want to sit up front!” Lol

adam morris says:

Least one of them was wearing a helmet

Mike Jones says:

So was the knife just dangling in the back or he put it away or left it behind?

Atlanta says:

2:16 heads.

Read My Name says:


melly mel says:

You fuckin nut bars….. lol…. nice!!!!!!!!

Lawina says:

Would’ve been interesting if there was a giant rock they crashed into, and we would see their bones sticking out and blood squirting outside their skulls.

VancouverCanucksRock says:

Hope some psychopath doesn’t stretch a wire across

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