Getting Faced by Longboard Attempting to Tandem Surf!!

I know I just posted a vid yesterday but this also happened yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share! hahah

Took the gopro out just messing around, learning how to film in the water and caught this clip of me and my buddy trying to tandem surf my sup! We both caught his board bad!! lol


csl_00 says:

surf board to the face, you got rekt scrub, haha

Heartland Dual Sport says:

hahah, that is pretty awesome footage. hehe, thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend buddy.

ScottJW says:


TheSighBored says:


ghostanime84 says:

swimming bitch slap lol

B C says:

Finally a surfing vid! (:

STARKILLER1138 says:

You’re making me miss surfing, LOL! Looked fun as hell man. That board to the back looked like it hit pretty good though.

CM MOTO says:

that looks fun man

WolfDemon92 says:

Loved this video! You should most definitely do more of these. I don’t think anyone can not not smile at this video. Just pure happiness and joy flowing from both you and your friend. ^_^

Thundercat Anderson says:

Good stuff man! i wish i had a beach nearby to surf/paddle board some waves! We got plans to try this with my boats wake and a paddle board. Hopefully i will film and get motivated to produce another video. been slacking 🙁

Love the CRF videos! i ride a crf myself and its by far my favorite bike i have owned yet. Keep up the good work with the videos! watching you is making me want to start up again.

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