FCS II Fins – Surf Test Comparison – Grommet Style

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In this vid the Surf Coaches Groms Atua & Ki’ili test ride and compare their FCS-II fin sets. We wanted to really see if we could tell a difference so we changed out 3 fin sets in the same session to determine which surfboard fins worked the best.

And no we are not paid or sponsored by FCS, (Yet…Hint Hint)


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Atua’s Channel


P Mc says:

Hey, can you use normal fcs fins with the fcs II system? I know there are some plugs for that but, do you really need them?

Savage Life says:

Surf with your fins mixed up

Yuri Bueno says:

I love your videos guys, keep doing that, thank you

What The Clout says:

What style of surfboard is that

Fabricio Delgado says:

hahahaha its hilarious changing the fins use vaseline may help. lol

Harry Tillotson says:

Would you recommend fcs 2 fins over fcs 1 fins?

Tony Stone says:

Love how they can barely get the fins in or out. I have been using this fin system for a while and it sucks. After pulling out and slamming in fins for a year your board fin system is done. I’ve had to use grub screws after that because the fins “wiggle” while I surf. Basically, this FCS II reverts back to the old FCS system within two years. Just get Futures. Only one grub screw.

Olivia Newman says:

I love your videos. I love both Atua and Ki’ili. They are both very good at surfing. I also surf. But we’re I am it’s too cold to surf right not so I am off for winter. My dream is to surf Costa Rica and Hawaii. Those are the two main places I would love to travel the world….. Thanks for reading

Bad Bass Fish'in says:

This video was very informational and I am a intermediate – beginner surfer so which FCS II fins should I use.

João Victor Terra says:

I just wanted to sy that i’ve learned how to surf and how to speak english with your videos, so double thank you!
Cheers from Brazil! 😀

Mr Graphiste says:

this is the first video i have ever seen on fin test ! really cool !!

Jameson Metsch says:

Omg those waves look so good

Ransom S says:

r u the boy in this video, if so u r a great surfer and hope to see ur future videos

Neek Curls says:

nice vid bro 1+ sub

Trithory says:

question: have you guys ever come to hawaii? well you have a connection if you guys ever come to kona…

Kelly says:

Hey guys. I’ve been surfing on a softboard with soft flexible fins and the FCS fin system. When do you think is the right time to be upgrading to ‘proper’ fins?

Matityah says:

Good video. Informative and well put together! Thanks!

Cameron Van Middlesworth says:

how big are you fcs 2 fin

life-enjoyer101 says:

Wait, are You already sponsored by FCS

JosephRC says:

i surf fcs II fins just so i can take them out at the beach and try different fin setups

Joel Diaz says:

isnt it crazy how fins can make you feel like you have a totally different board . i love it, i’d be interested to see how combination of fins would react

Matias Casasempere says:

cool video! cheers from Chile!

Ethan Kugler Games says:

Atua you are better in the acelaratures

James Nortje says:

when he surfs he does to many cutbacks.

Noah B says:

What size board does atua ride

Jurczak Children says:

r the fins different shapes do all the side fins angle out. I’ve been thinking to ask for some

Andre Guimaraes says:

Congrats, good video

Craig Steven says:

You def surfed better with the reactors!

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