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Atua’s other YouTube channel KidPrepper video

Trying out a new format of video. This is a combination of vlogging and surf tips. In this video Atua paddles out for 2 20min mock surfing heats while focusing on 2 techniques.


Marcos Valladares says:

congratulations to your videos. Where is this beach??

Alexander Burias says:

I’ve just started surfing…i’m 31 years old…but enjoying it so much…this kid is an inspiration 🙂 keep it up…

Wolfgang Blackwood says:

Pick me
checking inbox

Linda Atkinson says:

I’ve started surfing but not very good he is a inspiration

AzzA Tjd says:


jamesmegill says:

like your vids.

Connor Van der pol says:

This channel is Alewsome I have learned so much

Peyton Thomas says:

this is considered a decent day in central florida surfing haha!

Angela Grimes says:

Thanks for the great tips, I’m older and trying to teach myself to surf, so this advice is priceless, and you have very lovely children too you should be so proud.

ge0rd1e _ says:

Try surfing in the northeast haha. Thats not any wind from where i live. Awsome vid btw

christopher5sd says:

i like these kind of videos I’m gonna try the things you said on my next session

Kapahi 746 says:

loving these videos yeew

David Dow says:

Yea good floater. thanks for the tips. I like the format and training on windy days will pay off.

Stealth_Surfing says:

Atua is pretty damn good for a 13 year old

John Modzelewski says:

what size board does he ride? and I surf those conditions all the timee

Caden Rood says:


The Savvy Gals says:

How do you find the message/inbox in YouTube? YouTube changes their format all the time… ;(

xisotopex says:

that looks like fun surf to me! no 4/3 with boots and gloves!

Hayden DaBeast says:

Atua got barreled

Nate Neumeyer says:

first comment good job learn a lot by watching atua

Wolfgang Blackwood says:

Wow! Some very helpful tips in here for me! Learning something everyday/every video

Paco Miguel says:

yo what’s up from the F L A. definitely always surf choppy blown out waves here for sure. I’ve been surfing for 13years off and on. yo you guys gals are cool definitely enjoy watching videos and learning a thing or two from ya. keep the videos coming for sure

Nicholas O'Shea says:

Good video

AzzA Tjd says:

I ride a 5’6

skatefood says:

haha nice recovery from that prone drop in at 8:10.. the floater was rad!

Berend v H says:

I wish that the waves in holland were as long as those if the waves r about 7 seconds it means that we are really really lucky 😀

Roger Taylor says:

Nice to see Atua listening to his Dad. 🙂

dannysgluck says:

yes, agree, atua is great and very helpful for learning from

whateverjavier says:

Keep posting bro! Thankful you share your knownledge

Idan Benesh says:

In south Australia those can be counted as amazing waves hahaha

Mark Fernihough says:

Seen as its so windy its not too bad?!!

Ronald Salguero says:

Atua made me get out of the couch and go surfing thru this video! Thanks and surfs up

Will Couch says:

I like these kind of videos.

FreSports says:

hi nice surfing

Barry Cronin says:

what age is Atua ? new to the channel

Faisal Ibrahim says:

Atua is really is really good at this given the condition

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