3 Surfboards 3 Waves 1Surfer

3 surfboards 15 minutes per surf 3 waves 1 session 1 surfer. Just another fun way to play with our equipment.

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Atua’s Channel


Max Allen says:

Do a vid on surf board recommendations

Henry Panero says:

You don’t understand the struggle in Florida the waves usually close out or they peel way to fast and they are usually nasty but when you guys surf I am just like damn I wish I was there rn because those waves look sooo clean

Anthony siracuse says:

Enjoy the videos guys! Keep it up

NatureSurvivalist says:

Your channel helped me soooo much with surfing, thank you so much!!!

Toxic says:

Love it

Adrien Miller says:

First to like

Nik Steiner says:

For next Q AND A. Where’d u get the tokoro? All of my friends and I from Oahu south shore ride them

Mikey Rossbauer says:

does he do comps

Reese Scott says:

On the 6’0 it’s called a rounded pin tail

Dylan Gardner says:

What’s that white stuff on your face
Amazing videos creep it up

Ethan Dawson says:

You guys really make me happy

Makayla Drake says:

I love watching your videos

ole matson says:

Cool to hear about the difference! My wife and I, and a bunch of friends, will be in Costa Rica for 2 weeks in a couple days! We’ll be surfing at Pavones mostly… maybe a couple other spots. Not sure if you’re that far south but I’ll keep my eye open for you guys!

Kristen Kay says:

I like the creative training. Mixes things up 🙂

Noah Jurczak says:

Quad fin is better for cut backs and turning hard

annie says:

hi! i have a question, the waves that are closet to my house, (which is still an hour away)
break really soon, i can never seem to get going sideways, the waves are constantly pushing me straight, any other good waves i can surf fine, do you have any tips?

Jaxs200 says:

That last board is a Barry Vandermulen shape, he is a local shaper in HB, south CA

Colin Reilly Surf says:

rip my ears

JosephRC says:

Geez your son rides a 5′ 4″! How tall is he?

Jack Kemp says:

Atua new watch nice

Anonymoose says:

I’d say that mouth mount is about done. Surely someone makes one that’s more reliable. You definitely don’t want to watch your GoPro floating away on the ocean!

Interesting comparison, and as a non-surfer, I could see them each performing differently with Atua on them. The third one, when he mentioned the whistle, brought back a memory of my slalom skiing days. When I first skied my O’Brien competition ski, in a really tight cut I hears that whistle, and I didn’t know what it was. Didn’t take long to learn that it was the ski, and the deflection holes in the fin, singing for me. The harder I cut, the louder it sang, and the more rock solid the ski performed.

StormFPG Vlogs says:

Holy crap how do you ride a 5’4?!?! I’m only 10 and I ride a 6’1!!

Charlie Walker says:

How tall is Atua

Peeve says:

ISURFTRIBE my name is Jason and I’m a intermediate surfer and I surf a 6ft fish. I can do a great pop up on land but when I get into a wave (which I rarely do) I choke and can’t pop up even in the white water. Can you give me some advice. If it helps I surf in Margate, New Jersey.

Liam Marguglio says:

Ive been watching this channel for a while and it took me this long to realize i never subscribed. but now u got one more subscriber!

Nathaniel Cushing says:

Do I spy a Barry V board? I miss mine…

starvin marvin says:

Is Costa Rica safe to travel to solo? I’m thinking of heading down for a week or so.

Daniel Mogildea says:

Your channel is awesome !!!!!

Olivia Scalas says:


Idan Benesh says:

Adelaide is colder than 10 degrees

Enrique Moreno says:

Agan un video en español

Nick Boeyen says:


Ruan Van der Westhuizen says:

Yoh, I have to be honest, but I’m super fortunate where I live that we have runnig point breaks, cause those close out beach breaks looks crap’ish. But it does look nice and powerful in the pocket on the bottom turn.

Angry Little boy says:

Make a video with a beater board

Ashten Hull says:


TheodoreJay says:

The power of Atua !

Andrew seidensticker says:

Fins whistling or screaming at ya is due to the the trailing edge of the fins being too thick. Easy salution to that, you just thin the training edge out with sand paper, but not too sharp as that can be dangerous. Solves the Whistle, and even creates less drag and you will notice a slight bit more speed next time you surf that same board/fins. Cheers, Andy from Mal Pais

Oliver Hanlon says:

how tall is he just wondering with board reference

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