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Armare una vela nuova…… che emozione!

Finally tried out foiling, used a Fanatic H9 an an old Formula board.

A video taken during one of the sessions in which we tested the new Simmer Blacktip 4.7 2018

how to carrying board and sail together to windsurf when we go in and out of the water or alongside the beach. useful tricks and tips. windsurfer vilma and video maker vagelis skretas.

The Noa is a 7-batten, no-cam slalom sail that draws its DNA directly from Naish’s decades of slalom and racing experience. It features a deep, powerful draft combined with a clean, aerodynamic shape. This delivers a crisp, balanced feel and straight-line speed that rivals a modern race sail, yet—thanks to its no-cam design—is easy to […]

Watch this one first! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myexHKZ8luM Better method! An attempt at windsurf sail repair. Extracting a damaged Monofilm panel. Duplicating this panel using new materials from Sailrite. I’ve never done this before and have never worked with Monofilm aside from applying repair tape to my damaged sails. The pros could likely point out many mistakes and […]

Example of how to make an emergency repair of a Windsurf’s sail tear

Testing Severne’s 2018 Fox 105L freeride windsurfing board for Windsurfing UK Magazine.

Our ultimate car top boardbag with holddown fixation points. Leave it on your rooftop and unload, accessible by two separate zippered compartments. It has a padded board compartment in the lower section and a top section which fits your quiver. New for 2014 is the universal removeable wheel base, which fits in most of our […]

How to repair a windsurf board ding. I must have put my board down on a sharp rock, which cracked the gel coat. This will hopefully help you out if you suffer from the same misfortune!

TECHNO 133 Durable, Lightweight Freeride Performance On a Techno 133 you can go fast, very fast easily. In all kinds of conditions and always with great sensations. At the same time, you can enjoy funboard riding in medium to strong winds. So versatile that it could easily become the only freeride board in your quiver. […]

Felfújható deszkán windszörfözni nem csupán kompromisszum! A Red Paddle új, 2017-es 10’7 Windsurf modellje ötvözi a felfújható SUP-ok (iSUP/Air SUP) előnyeit a windsurf boardok technikai tulajdonságaival. A Red Paddle által kifejlesztett szkegnek (Sure-Fin system) köszönhetően a hagyományos windsurf jegyeit vélhetjük fel ebben a modern deszkában. A SUP közepén behelyezhető nagy uszony (svert) páratlan stabilitást, tökéletes […]

After purchasing a 2016 Edge Wind which was let’s face disappointing and at best a autumn/spring suit I decided to go back to a Combat. I’ve always found the Combat really warm and reasonably wearing, eventually after 3 or 4 years they start to show signs of wear and tear mainly due to finger nails […]

more informations at http://www.pendleboard.com

Giornata di windsurf test a Cremia. Grazie ad una discreta Breva abbiamo potuto testare alcuni nuovissimi materiali 2016

BIC Windsurf & Kerfoils, one of the top specialists in Foil design, have developed a brand new profile to fit the Techno 133 and 148, or whatever freeride board you may have in your quiver. This foil is designed to reduce your minimum windspeed for planing to 13 knots, even lower once you master it. […]

Arrows have come up with this new windsurf rig that has been developed with kitesurfing technology, which gives an incredibly light rig in a easy to pack down and transport package

The Starship is one board that can do just about anything in flatwater, bump & jump or waves. The Starship was designed for early planing, thrilling straight-line speed and easy, yet exciting, maneuverability. It rides super smooth in a wide range of conditions and allows riders the freedom to progress their skill level. Key Features: […]

Surfmarken.de – Produkt Test: brand new, Tabou 3S 2017 Testing. Freeride, Wave, Freestyle. Compact, superleicht und agil sprintet das Windsurfingboard los. Mit rasanter Beschleunigung geht das Board auf Highspeed und pumpt einem das Adrenalin in die Adern. Vollspeed in die Kurve, Jumps und Moves, das Tabou 3S gleitet stabil durch und ist eine richtige Spassrakete. […]

The Worlds Largest Severne windsurf superstore show us how to rig a 2017 Severne Gator sail. Steve Chatten explains what to look for and how to set your sail for best performance. For more info or to purchase Severne windsurf kit go online and search Severneshop.

The legend was there so we jumped in and asked some questions. Peter Thommen is talking about his history, Thommen and Brunotti brands. He mentions riders such as: Bjorn Dunkerbeck, JAson Polakow, Peter Volwater, Ant Baker, Levi Siver, Robby Naish. Peter also comments the Flikkaboards factory, best spots, talks about foils, inflatables, windsurf equipment, boards, […]

Islanda 3 in one fun aquatic toy made out of fiberglass. Manufactured in Mona Vale Sydney in the mid 80,s. Lite and easy to use, paddle it, sail it, windsurfer it. Unsinkable and heaps of fun.

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