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Aqua Marina Fusion Stand Up Paddle Board Review (in the water) Updated link NOW $295 ebay link: https://ebay.to/2Mbu8VQ Amazon: $349 https://amzn.to/2K9AxTU Hey guys sorry for the voice-over. There was a storm brewing and the wind picked up and it was making a terrible wind noise in the mic. I decided to do a voice-over to […]

In this video BIC SUPs Jimmy Blakeney helps you choose the right stand up paddleboard for you.

For 2018, Boardworks SUP has re-designed the award-winning Raven 12’6″ paddle board with a new shape and graphic. The new shape and volume allow for faster paddling speeds, exceptional glide performance, and great tracking in all conditions. The new Honey Fomb traction deck pad is comfortable on the feet for those longer paddles. The Boardworks […]

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A Stand on Liquid gear review of the Boardworks Surf Verve 11’0″ and 12’6″ Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board from the Stand on Liquid HQ in Bend, Oregon. Like the Boardworks Raven, the Chinook’s displacement hull is designed with a fairly flat rocker for speed and great glide and tracking performance. The Chinook is ideal […]

I purchased this 3 in 1 SUP Surf / Wind / SUP board and wanted to give everyone a Quick Review of the surfing part of the board, Not the best waves and the camera kept messing up when surfing but all and all not a bad board at all for surfing. For More Hacks, […]

(Review Outlaw The Bic SUP Ace-Tec Wind Paddle Board is designed to be a paddle board and windsurfing board. The Bic SUP Ace-Tec Wind Paddle Board is perfect for flat water paddle boarding and has a mast track to place a windsurfing rig. Also great for SUP and Surfing. SUP – Review : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Avu1jC1Qf4 Surf […]

http://carolinapaddle.com/naish-maliko-2016-stand-up-paddleboard-review/ The Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew reviews the 2016 Naish Maliko SUP. This new Stand Up Paddle Board from Naish has a rounded nose that releases water, and it is a fun and stable board to paddle in the flats. But its generous volume, straight rails, and rockered nose also make it a great SUP […]

Buy SIC online here: http://shop.carolinapaddle.com/brands/SIC.html With a rockered nose, and plenty of volume, the SIC FX SUP is a great board to tackle any conditions. Both the SIC FX 12’6 and the SIC FX 14′ will carry speed in the flat water, while making technical condition paddling easier. A user-friendly crossover stand up paddle board, […]

https://www.islesurfandsup.com/stand-up-paddle-boards/surfing/classic-surf/ The ISLE Phantom Classic Model has all the features of a modern longboard built into a stand up paddle board. A forgiving outline, pronounced rocker, and rounded pin tail for cruising and carving up small to midsize waves yet versatile enought to enjoy a flat water bay paddle. It’s the ultimate all around board […]

Based out of Colorado, SOL paddle boards specialize in affordable inflatable SUP boards. Designed for whitewater paddling, SOL paddle boards are idea for all levels of paddler experience and All Around paddling from rivers to oceans. Visit ww.standonliquid.com to check out their line up.

I used it a few more times before posting this video and I never fell off on accident even with boats going by. I did finally fall when I tried doing a one-legged karate mantis pose 🙂 Not a bad deal for $299.99. I wanted to try paddle boarding on vacation previously and they wanted […]

A Stand Up Paddle Board Review with Anthony Ing, from Stand Up Paddle board UK. Take a look at the pro’s and cons of the Jackson SUPer charger. Stand Up Paddle board UK is the UKs leading provider of one-to-one and group SUP tuition, specialising in whitewater. For more board reviews and paddle boarding tuition […]

How to pick the right Paddleboard! – http://www.BuckeyeSurf.com Have you been checking out SUP’s (Stand Up Paddleboards)? Realized how many Stand Up Paddleboards there are out there to choose from? Let Taylor explain the difference and help you choose the board that is best suited for you and get you out on the water to […]

http://www.supwing.de The worldwide 1st split design WindSUP sail. No boom necessary anymore! Made in Germany – order NOW!

https://www.islesurfandsup.com/stand-up-paddle-boards/versa/ The Versa Series is our most competitively priced paddle board package for both flat water and small waves. It’s a durable epoxy board designed with a super comfy nonabrasive full deck pad perfect for yoga or carrying a small passenger. Each model is extra wide ranging from 28 inches to 33 inches to provide […]

Review of the best inflatable stand up paddle board — NeedleNose. Find out how you can save. – http://www.kosspa.com/sup-board. Many reviews of this top SUP show that people really love it because of its amazing features. Paddle boarding is a fun, easy and great way to play on the water. Unlike using other inflatables, such […]

Laird Hamilton Bully 12’6” Paddle Board is perfect for anyone who is looking for optimal stability combined with smooth paddling performance. This is the most user-friendly paddle board on the market. Lightweight, high-performance EPS-HP construction keeps the Bully manageable from your ride to the beach. Laird Hamilton All-Around SUP boards are designed to offer up […]

http://carolinapaddle.com/2016-surftech-bark-vapor-stand-up-paddleboard-review/ Check out the 2016 Bark Vapor SUP as Carolina Paddleboard Co. in Wilmington, NC reviews one of the latest Stand Up Paddleboards from Surftech. The 2016 Surftech Bark Vapor borrows a rounded nose from the Bark Commander prone paddle board and marries it to the well-known Bark racing hull to make a wicked fast […]

Stand up Paddleboarding is growing very quickly and people are taking it up in their hoards. People of all ages are looking for fun and exercise without all the pounding and strain on their bodies. Paddling a SUP provides just that, a low impact cardio workout with incredible benefits for your core, legs, arms, and […]

Buy Now: http://www.islesurfboards.com/kids-paddle-boards.aspx Little kids love to paddle board just as much as the big kids! Traditional size paddle boards are typically much to large for small kids to transport and maneuver. The Versa Kids is a smaller version of our most popular model the Isle Versa to offer an easy to transport, functional board […]

Please watch: “5 Inventions – Can it Get any Better? #18” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zosiOk8rOhw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Warm weather is coming, it’s time to get ready for it with a new Stand Up Paddle Board. Here are five that are worth your consideration. Camping gear https://goo.gl/l92hA3 Visit some of my websites: https://goo.gl/1qqNF7 https://goo.gl/HgScsa https://goo.gl/Woaodt SIPABOARDS AIR Self-inflating Paddle Boards […]

Ty & Theresa Southerland from 30milesOut kayak fishing TV head to Destin Florida today. They go to the YOLO paddle board store and do some first time paddle boarding around Sandestin in the dune lakes . Check it out! WHAT! NEW EPISODES EVERY THURSDAY ****SEE LINKS BELOW**** https://www.patreon.com/30milesout HELP US FUND THE ADVENTURES… Donating even […]