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If you are looking to get planing in light winds without having to carry around the weight of a large sail then this efficient profile will get you going just fine. Helium makes optimum use of its surface area resulting in ultimate top end control and performance. Discover more at: http://www.neilpryde.com/index.php?option=com_npproducts&view=detail&layout=newlayout&id=37&Itemid=59

Introducing the all-new 2012 NeilPryde performance sail range. Built tough, prepared and ready for just about anything. Following on from the successful use of our unique printing technology in 2011, the 2012 collection has evolved the patterns and colours to achieve more sophisticated and visually exciting results. Not only do the sails look good, they […]

In this how2 video we help get all your pieces together and rig your windsurf sail!

BOW 2019 | INNOVATIVE SAIL CONCEPT With the BOW sail the GUNSAILS R&D team introduces a completely new concept in sail design. Within 2 years of continuous development, Pieter Bijl and Renato Morlotti have managed to realize this innovative idea in a sail. The BOW offers new dimensions in handling and wind range and shows […]

Armare una vela nuova…… che emozione!

Basic sail description as well as comparison between a light wind and a high wind sail are covered. For more instructional and action video visit rochesterwindsports.com

Robby Swift gives tips for rigging and derigging your NeilPryde Wave and X-Over windsurfing sails. http://www.neilpryde.com

how to carrying board and sail together to windsurf when we go in and out of the water or alongside the beach. useful tricks and tips. windsurfer vilma and video maker vagelis skretas.

This is a video guide on how to apply windsurfing sail stickers with a wet application fluid. This should be much easier and bubble free from other techniques. Application fluid and sail numbers can be purchased directly from our store via Pay Pal. http://www.southeastsignage.com/onlinestore/

Stormsure patches and glues are available in Australia from Clark Rubber. (C) 2014 www.GlennBolton.com

Introducing an innovative rig designed around a power-to-weight ratio the power of a bigger sail with the weight of a smaller one. Gone are the days when light wind windsurfing on lakes and calm seas meant massive sails and heavy gear.

Sebastian Kornum gives tips for rigging and derigging your NeilPryde Freeride windsurfing sails. http://www.neilpryde.com

www.getwindsurfing.com Thanks for watching our coaching video we hope that it has helped you with your windsurfing. To learn more about GetWindsurfing and our coaching clinics please visit our website. www.getwindsurfing.com

The Noa is a 7-batten, no-cam slalom sail that draws its DNA directly from Naish’s decades of slalom and racing experience. It features a deep, powerful draft combined with a clean, aerodynamic shape. This delivers a crisp, balanced feel and straight-line speed that rivals a modern race sail, yet—thanks to its no-cam design—is easy to […]

Watch this one first! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myexHKZ8luM Better method! An attempt at windsurf sail repair. Extracting a damaged Monofilm panel. Duplicating this panel using new materials from Sailrite. I’ve never done this before and have never worked with Monofilm aside from applying repair tape to my damaged sails. The pros could likely point out many mistakes and […]

Robby Swift explains how to rig your NeilPryde Freeride sail as quickly and safely as possible, followed by tips on how to tune it for maximum performance, and an overview of the freeride sail range. www.neilpryde.com

Windsurfing has gone to another dimension – flying free of the water’s surface. Foiling is new and the Skyscape is newly built for it. Sails for foil designs are best light, with low end grunt and superior upwind character. The Skyscape design package includes 5 battens with 3 cams and a low outline configuration. Skyscape […]

A series of instructional videos – TWS (http://www.tws-windsurf.com) Tuning Technique Series together with wave world champion Victor Fernandez, Head of Fanatic Wave gear R&D Klaas Voget and professional windsurfer Adam Lewis. In the sixth episode we take a subject of rigging the wave sail. How much downhaul and outhaul should you put. What is the […]

Robby Swift explains how to rig your NeilPryde wave sail as quickly and safely as possible, followed by tips on how to tune it for maximum performance, and an overview of the wave sail range. www.neilpryde.com

Juan Windsurfing Mistral Prodigy Board and Pursuit Sail 7.5 Meters

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