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A ripping performance fish surfboard with a conscience, this is the Gary McNeill CV2 Treetech ECO Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards! Get Benny’s EXCELLENT Ex-Demo’s Here: https://bennysboardroom.com.au/collections/bennys-seconds-excellent-ex-demo-surfboards Gary’s small wave “ferrari” and Rasta’s go to for most things, the CV2 is a versatile modern performance fish with a twist. And this CV2 is extra special. […]

This is Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish Review + Futures Rasta Quads. Super fun, fast all rounder – I keep grabbing for this performance hybrid on steroids from stomach high to overhead. Full Write Up: http://bit.ly/PsillakisQuadFishReview A great, versatile outline from sought after Northern Beaches shaper, Mike Psillakis, the Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish is the remedy […]

The iconic Christenson Surfboards Fish Review. One of the few surfboard shapers in the world capable of mastering all manner of craft from alternative, stubby fishes to 12 foot gun surfboards. If you haven’t ridden a surfboard by Chris Christenson, you’re missing out. This twin keel fish model is exceptional. It defies the physics of […]

Based off the global-everyday-surfer-favourite, the Lost V3 Rocket, this is the Lost V3 Stealth Surfboard Review for CompareSurfboards.com! + Get This (and all) Ex Demo Surfboards HERE: https://bennysboardroom.com.au/collections/surf-surfboards-ex-demo-surfboards Built around a more traditional high performance shortboard nose template, my Lost V3 Stealth is 6’2 x 20.75 x 2.69 at 38CL of volume. This design results […]

No more stubby hybrids, this is the Perry Surfboards Shporky Surfboard Review + Lost Futures Fins! Perry is an amazing shaper and his boards are exquisite in form and function. FULL WRITE UP: http://bit.ly/1SV6zl6 This Perry Shporky is a high performance shortboard design geared for average to good beach breaks in the chest / shoulder […]

Designed for unparalleled lateral speed in even the smallest, most gutless surf, this is the Lost Puddle Fish Carbon Wrap Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards! This Lost Puddle Fish is like a performance fish on steroids and I LOVE IT. In AU? Want My Puddle Fish? Get it here: https://bennysboardroom.com.au/collections/surf-surfboards-ex-demo-surfboards My Lost Puddle Fish Carbon […]

Bar none, my favourite step-up surfboard yet, this is the Gary McNeill Entity Pin Step-Up Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards! Want this actual board? Get Benny’s excellent ex-demo surfboards here: https://bennysboardroom.com.au/collections/bennys-seconds-excellent-ex-demo-surfboards What is a step-up surfboard? Something (generally) longer than your normal shortboard, purpose built to handle the speed and power of bigger waves. This […]

Iconic shaper Chris Christenson partnered with bleeding edge Daniel Tomo Thomson and created this…the Christenson (x Tomo) Mescaline Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards! Need surf gear? We only stock the best: https://bennysboardroom.com.au/ Leveraging Chris Christenson’s deep surfboard shaping knowledge combined with Tomo’s progressive modern planing hull designs to create this all around surfboard speed demon. […]

Pat Gudauskas’ signature high performance shortboard by Al Merrick, this is the Channel Islands Fever Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards! With roots in Al Merrick’s trusted and proven high performance short board designs, the Channel Islands Fever still handles more average waves. As Craig says, this CI Fever just keeps moving and has a nice […]

Is different better? This is the semi-strange Channel Islands Surfboards HOGLET Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards! The Channel Islands Waterhog became a CI cult classic and, responding to many custom orders for a shortened version, the Channel Islands Hoglet was born! In AU? Get Benny’s Seconds excellent ex-demo’s: https://bennysboardroom.com.au/collections/bennys-seconds-excellent-ex-demo-surfboards The results were too fun looking […]

The most commonly asked questions here & at CompareSurfboards.com are about Surfboard Volume: How to get it right. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: https://www.youtube.com/user/CompareSurfboards?sub_confirmation=1 MORE SURFBOARD SIZING HINTS & TIPS: http://bit.ly/1UZjTEa This video aims to dispel some myths about surfboard volume and surfboard sizing while also suggest a guide to help […]

Epic good wave performance shortboard, this is the DMS Actor Surfboard Review, Carbon Wrap & Futures Rusty Blackstix! For the competent surfer in good to epic conditions, this is the craft you need. Tight outline, moderate rocker and sensitive, low rails – the DMS Actor has all the makings of a well rounded high performance […]

Want to charge bigger waves? You need a reliable step-up. This is the Lost Surfboards Round Up Surfboard Review + Futures Fins EA Quads, my go to step-up for standout Winkipop and Indonesia reefs. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: https://www.youtube.com/user/CompareSurfboards?sub_confirmation=1 FULL WRITE UP: http://bit.ly/1Q52Jnk Matt Biolos tweaked the popular Lost Rock […]

If you’re on the Modern Planing Hull fence, I hope this surfboard review pushes you over the edge. This is the Tomo Surfboards EVO Review (Firewire LFT Construction) – every bit as exciting as other boards of this design, the Tomo Surfboards EVO excels as and everyday, average wave all rounder. Make sure you subscribe […]

A bad mofo modern single/multi-fin setup, the Misfit Shapes NU WAVR Surfboard Review + Futures Haydenshapes Fins is ideal if you want to mixup your surfing MO. A cruisy, down-the-line rocket, the Nu Wavr can be turned but this bad boy is all about the glide. Great for a mixup on your small days and, […]

Perhaps my favourite board of 2016, this is the Sculpt Surfboards THRWBCK Surfboard Review! The Sculpt THRWBCK is a lively semi-fish shortboard with a flat rocker, wide outline and tail. This unique design is geared for high performance surfing in anything from mushy beach breaks to peeling, overhead waves. Get the Sculpt Surfboards THRWBCK at […]

I’m not a ‘longboarder’ but I do love the feeling of riding one from time to time…there really is nothing like the speed and cruise of a longboard! If you normally ride shortboards, fishes, hybrids, etc. but want to add a longboard to your quiver, I recommend something like the Haydn Lewis Smooth Operator. It’s […]

Hybrid performance shortboards are all the rage for extracting maximum fun and performance from weak, small swells. This Rusty Pump Surfboard Review + FCS2 AM2 Fins is a mean small wave weapon that will help all levels of surfer enjoy the small stuff more! FULL WRITE UP: http://bit.ly/1o7YXyT Unlike some small wave performance hybrids that […]

This is the Lost Surfboards Short Round Surfboard Review feat. Carbon Wrap (NEW 2015 Model). A clean, simple small wave performance hybrid design shaped personally by Matt Biolos. This sexy …Lost Surfboards Short Round features Carbon Wrap stringerless construction, which is now available on all Lost boards. SEE THE FULL WRITE UP: http://bit.ly/LostShortRoundReview Following on […]

What a treat! In this Vulcan Surfboards Arctail Review we’re going to delve into the making of this Vulcan Arctail and how this board may be the one to get all of you modern planing hull fence sitters over the line. Shop this and Benny’s other excellent ex-demo surfboards: http://bit.ly/ShopBennysSeconds I hope you enjoy this […]

A blast from the past. This is one of the performance fish shapes that started the trend towards shorter, wider, fatter surfboards, this is the …Lost Round Nose Fish surfboard review at Benny’s Boardroom. Is it still the go? ————– + See the Full Review with Complete Standard Dims, Rocker/Outline Images, Fin Setup Info., Ride […]

This sumptuous surfboard review is for the Lost Surfboards Puddle Jumper Review (BRAND NEW). Since hearing Lost Surfboards founder, Matt Biolos, talk about his ‘go to’ small wave board – the brand new Lost Puddle Jumper – I have been dying to try this thing. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: https://www.youtube.com/user/CompareSurfboards?sub_confirmation=1 […]

Learning how to surf? Give yourself every advantage and get the right surfboard to learn with. This is an ideal beginner’s / learner’s surfboard review at Benny’s Boardroom. You don’t want what the pros are riding, you want something long, wide and stable. Learn to surf on the right craft – this Mini-Mal is a […]

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