What’s the Best Surfboard in the World? – Starring Julian Wilson

The overriding goal of this project was to see if we could answer the question: Is it possible to call a surfboard the best in the world? Sure, it’s a flawed objective. A board’s performance is subjective. But acknowledging this, we invited 12 of the world’s best shapers to each create a board for an unidentified 6’0”, 80kg CT surfer. Fast-forward some months and Julian Wilson was standing in the garage of a West Oz rental, opening two coffins full of cleanskin boards – no markings, no stickers, no pencil on the stringer, nothing identifiable – one from California, the other direct from Sydney.

And so, Jules and his blank knife collection settled into West Oz. We had 36 coloured stickers created by artist Paul McNeil and we included surplus colours and numbers just in case Jules was superstitious around any digits or shades. And, Julian’s 10-day game of Who’s Who began. Four photographers, three filmers and one producer were tasked with the story telling. The surfing is a perfect example of the output Julian Wilson could deliver if he ever went without jersey (and his own boards, for that matter). Watch it above.

Directed by: Sam McIntosh
Produced by: Damien Fahrenfort
Art direction: Shinya Dalby
Filmed by: Toby Cregan, Jimmy Lees, Rick Jackovic (water footage)
Edited by: Mike Pagan
Still photography: Ryan Miller, Chris Gurney, Andy Staley

Read more at http://stabmag.com/watch-stab-in-the-dark-starring-julian-wilson/#5SHiAlYvoULk4f1H.99


nuhhhhhhh says:

californias best surf board? a tyler warren 9’4″ duhhh

adamwhite299 says:

they should have them test drive the same boards on Kelly’s wave.

Polo says:

Funny how no. 1 was the winner

Matthew Berry says:

i mean it’s not like he did any airs

John Manning says:

Does an Epoxy board have more flotation than a PU board of the same volume ? Seems that way.

Luc Cowling says:

Julian literally only does air reverses? Come on mate

shitmydickgotstuckinthecowagain says:

julian makes even shit waves look so good

Cameron David says:

In the end, does it really matter if jules didn’t go to the same beach, surf the same waves, have the same sections? All that matters is that he knows the board is gunna work best to his surfing!

Cesar Ocampo says:

whats the top he has on. someone please reply

Ruan Van der Westhuizen says:

This video is really cool actually, but one thing what I would’ve wanted to see is Julian’s reaction when they said to him its the DHD dx1 JF…

shayan javadi says:

React squad

Alberto Estrada says:

Overanalytical. Just ride

Needy Monkey says:

cool stuff

Llama Llama says:

definitely missed out on a lot of information that goes into making a board right. Should of had an objective to test out and rate each boards abilities to perform. Didn’t even bother with mentioning fins or beaches. This was nice to watch but very little information is actually given to the audience. Also how many times do we need to see one trick/move executed?

Cooper Fong says:

Anyone know the brand of traction pads that he was riding on the first couple boards?

Callum Seha says:

how can you test a board if the only thing he does is airs

Ripped Dave says:

lost rocket is the best surfboard in the world

Joao MA says:

great article

Nipples says:

where do u buy the stickers and shit from or are they like normal stickers

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