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The Cymatic from Slater Designs / Tomo is the Hybrid of the hugely popular Omni and Sci-fi models. I have been riding the Cymatic in LFT (Linear flex technology) in the stock 5’6 dimensions which come in at 5’6 x 19 3/8 x 2 1/2 @ 29.7L.

The Cymatic was my introduction to the Tomo and Slater Designs family of surfboards, and was unlike anything I had ridden before. I knew from a lot of what I’d heard from people that had ridden the Sci-fi and the SKX that it would be fast, but I was still blown away by just how well the Cymatic moves across water, it is very very fast, and makes it around sections and across flat spots with great ease.

I was able to ride the Cymatic in a variety of conditions from around one foot (knee high) to around five-six foot (well overhead), and the board seemed at home everywhere you took it, never feeling like it was out of its depth. Putting a larger quad setup in the board when the waves got a bit bigger felt great, and stopped the board feeling too skatey in larger surf which can often happen with a shortened rail line like this on the Cymatic. To do this I used the Futures Fins Firewire 5-fin set, opting for the quad setup.

The Cymatic was a great performer in all conditions, and not just due to the quickness of the board, but also due to its nice and shortened length it is extremely maneuverable, allowing you to put the board into really unique positions on the wave and into maneuvers that really push the advancement of your surfing.

If you’re looking for a board that will
cover the majority of your local conditions, The Cymatic could be it. The board feels equally at home in hollow and powerful surf as it does in smaller junkier conditions, and with a change of fin setup the board can be suited to most of your local conditions.


The Cymatic is the natural hybrid of the Scifi and Omni models, continuing Tomos evolution of minimalistic highly engineered modern planning hull designs. Featuring a slightly more pulled in double bat tail, deeper quad inside single concave and increased rocker relative to the scifi, the Cymatic is an Avant Garde’  Ultra high performance Machine. Wave range 1-6ft

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Tracey Baker says:

great kids board for airs and flips…looks fun.

DB Seven Moto says:

Great Review and the first time anyone has gone into detail on fins with this board..I brought one and have had trouble getting it to go well so will try playing around with the fins more. Cheers

Ryo Deo says:

Cool beard, great easy to follow review, board looks fab !

Slade Street says:

sweet fooooooking wave at 1:26!!!!

mrmichaelburness says:

Word of warning about the the bat tails: I had a pretty small crack on the tail of my Sci-Fi, which I had professionally repaired, the repair looked good and felt good but once back in the water it’s no longer surfable. They seem to be so fine tuned that literally millimetres of (missing/extra) glass has changed how water flows out the tail. The fin only properly engages on the unrepaired side now. Wonder if anyone else has had the same problem?

Dave Berry says:

Hey. Great review. I had an Tomo Omni loved it but indo got the better of it last day. Back home and looking to replace. Been looking at this and a CI rocket 9 too ‘dual core’. I watched your guys review of that too. Which of these would you prefer. Day to day surfing ya know. Keep up the good work.

Nathan Branch says:

Hi, nice video. How’s it go getting onto waves for your weight compared to the board volume?

Marcelo Matos says:

Sorry Mate, im not sure if you always surf like this, but in this video at least you dont surf very good…..this boards are the worst in the world i would recomend go to the closer local shaper and order the most average board he have, i bet you you will be surfing much better…..
Slater = $$$ = Kook$

Kieran Ryan says:

Awesome review! How was the traction pad?

simo from green says:

Top review ! Looks like the Cymatic just flows with the wave ….smooth as

Fabio Reis says:

I have 1.76mts and 74kg. Do you think a 5’3 or 5’4 is better?

Malcolm Hill says:

Best surfing you’ve done in any review for sure! Great review 🙂

Fabio Reis says:

Hi, how cool is the video, I would like to know your weight and height? So I know what size I buy…

Karl Jakobsson says:

Yeeeow! Great review as always! Hey Craig, what would you choose for daily Sydney beachies 2-4ft between the CI OG Flyer, HS Holy Grail, Chili Churro and Lost Uber Driver?

Robert Marlin says:

good vid, liked and subed

bushkey says:

I wish you talked about how the nose felt making turns. Since it’s so wide and unique

Elmachote The Surfer says:

Nice man been waiting

Simon says:

Really enjoyed seeing your surfing footage combined with the review. Would be great to see more footage and include some in the intro and outro. Cheers

Augustus Caesar says:

Review is great thanks, but I gotta say Slater did not look good on his boards at J-Bay a couple of weeks ago; I think he rode this in the first round. Go watch his heats..

xavier says:

and thanks for yours reviews
I would like to buy à cymatic
I m french i live in Hossegor and i go every years two month in Indonesia my level is intermediate to advence
I am 36 for 5’10 and 165 lbs
Actualy i surf a Lost round up
6’0 19 1/4 2 1/2 31L
It’s my board for every day
I am.looking for a board for everyday with good paddle
Is cymatic good ?
What size ? And what fins you advisor
Thanks to have read me and continue yours reviews

CW Rodriguez says:

For the bigger folks trying to size their Cymatic: I’m 6’2″ 210-215, intermediate or slightly better and ride the 5’10” at 36.4L. While it’s not the best board for bumpy or really big conditions, this thing is crazy fun in anything shoulder high and below and relatively smooth surface. The most fun I’ve had on a board in months. It floats really well while being crazy maneuverable. Stoked on mine

ice man says:

Thanks – great review 😀

1k1ngst0n says:

what size fins did you use for the AM1 and hayden for 2-4 feet?

Michael Dismukes says:

Tomo designed, shaped by machine in a mass production facility in Thailand.

Raymond Martinez says:

aloha, awesome review btw. You’re riding the 5’6 x 19 3/8 x 2 1/2 @ 29.7L. Could you tell me how much you weight?

the oldest of mates says:

But has he surfed a board like this before?


great review…how many pounds do you way….amazing they go 29 lits in that little board

Matt R says:

Is this really ok for a beginner/intermediate, seems to be really mixed reviews on that

I’m riding a 6’6 fish at my local beach break and like the look of this, but i’m still working basics – bottom turn, basic carve, etc

sydney spinal care says:

Great review and very timely as I am seriously considering purchasing the Cymatic. I like FCS 2 fins and was wondering which FCS 2 fins you would recommend as a thruster and a quad set up for the Cymatic for smaller days 1-3 foot  and for the bigger days 4-6 foot ? (I am 69kgs and 5’8 in height) .Cheers

Indo Surfer says:

Simply rule: less rail= more fin.
Simply rule: stop riding boards that are too small for the conditions. ( your not kelly slater)

bodhi tree says:

Man I bet you would rip a Vader or an evo.

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