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Dale Decker
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Sunset beach, CA 90742

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J.Olliee Mann says:

Oreo Gang where ya at?

Chase Ryan says:

Nice harms way shirt

Frank Saci says:

I don’t think people would mind a 20 min video

ZombieLove says:

i love my rip surf you should buy one! i just suck at skating

FBC152 says:

It’s really nice that Santa allows Brody to stop making toys and head down to CA to go skating every now and again.

Glen Barrantes says:

Slammin shirts coming soon

Hi Luis says:

bro listen to some $uicideboys

Jakeob says:

I know you probs won’t do it but please do a 3rd batch hahaha I missed out

bazoomking says:

Yo today I fell and hit my head skateboarding and I got really scared, might stop skating but I love your vids

Adrian Hernandez says:

I like when you make thumbnails like that they can be like your signature

baddog613 says:

love you guys, but why are you better on john’s channel and he’s better on yours? lol

ian farago says:

That was awesome of you to put that kid in the vlog, definitely looks like you made his day!

tragischen angst says:

sick harms way sweats

Eli Goldstone says:

thank you

Justin Rush says:

Dope vids homie

Easy Ryders says:

i had to watch brody take that shinner 20 times that was mad funny.


Eli is awesome! This was one of the funnest vlogs dale

Keepin Creepy says:

So I’m a bouncer at a gentlemens club and every night I have down time I get to watch yours and jons channel and it restore my love for skateboarding and fun and I just wanted to say thank you.

Chris Hunter says:

Sick Kid, brodies! He dropped dat dirty dab! 5:06

Pass says:

Eli the homie

Rodge Dodge says:

Dale … Mother Earth is not Flat.. So are the other planets and the Universe and Sun flat too? I hope your not a Conspiracy Theoriest..

Dante Estel says:

Eli is a boss

Eli Berman says:

Hey this is Eli just want to say thank u for what u said about me.

Monica Pearcy says:

Brodie’s laugh is equivalent to the fountain of youth

Jojo_is_a_GO says:

What a cool kid. Bet y’all made his day.

Pearce the hood hippie says:

dude I was just doing some sidewalk surfing. (just skating like a surfer.) Don’t get many good waves this time of year in Washington. Tons of sharks tho.

Tyler Rice says:

Such a great vlog like every single other one.


Hot dang, Dale, these vlogs are getting tight!

Alex K says:

That was great with the rip surf

Bob 1 says:

The nerdy kid who’s parents make him wear pads for every part of his body haha. He’s probably wearing a jock strap as well (just in case). With the cost of healthcare in your country I actually don’t blame him.

Jeff frost says:

if you guys ever need to know some cool places to skate around simi just hit me up

KristiCheese says:

who actually watches your videos all the way through anyway though?

Tabib Madrid says:

wasn’t today supposed to be a live stream?

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