Shred Show – Doinker Egg by Blake Peters (Panda)

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Doinker Egg

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You can also find their entire line of surfboards, like the Bangers and Mash, Pandamonium and the B2 (the model Julian Wilson rode in Stab in The Dark) here:…

Stab In The Dark

Stab in The Dark is a fresh concept from Stab Magazine. Julian Wilson receives a bunch of blank boards made by some of the worlds best shapers, and rates them after surfing each one without knowing who made what. See it here:

More Colin Moran

See Colin go nuts in Newport on other Panda shortboards in this Matt Tromberg joint on Vimeo:

Forgotten Surplus

Find Panda Doinkers, Doinker Egg’s and other Panda models for demo in Costa Mesa at Forgotten Surplus; Blake and Tanner Prairie’s shop.

B2/1930 Placentia Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

See them on Instagram @forgottensurplus

Panda Doinker

See me go nuts over the Panda Doinker back in 2013 in this episode of Shred Show:…

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Thank you to Finatic for supporting the Shred Show community through their sponsorship of this episode. Thank you Panda for giving me the boards in this video. All opinions are my own.


NICOLE says:

Hi I was wondering what board and size you would recommend for a beginner, I want a board i will also be able to use once I improve my skills a bit more as well. I am 167cm and weigh about 50 – 55kgs

john raffaghello ii says:

That looks like a great shape, super fun. You should do some board demos from cambell brothers!!!!!! keep up the great work bro!!

Ryan H says:

thanks man, love the videos!

Nolan Seaton says:

How would you compare this to the Hypto Krypto?

Marmora Smile says:

Fredstubble, dumpster driver and neck beard plz

Bailey Arnold says:

You should do the Channel Islands, rook 15



Slush Pup says:

Do a review of their “channelled inn” model! It’s a sick outline!

DorvipeRR says:

Thanks for sharing the Stab in The Dark video, Julian Wilson definitely makes jumping a board look as easy as breathing.

William Harris says:

first off, i love your videos! please never stop making them. and second: could you please put in a few minute clip at the end of the videos of someone surfing the surfboard so that we can get a better idea of how it surfs and how it handles on a wave or maybe just a link in the description to a video of someone surfing the board. 😀

mason pieri says:

Love the show dude keep it up… Can you do one of the new lost c3 boards please thanks man

DorvipeRR says:

Hi Chris, I was wandering if you ever read the book “Surfing and Health” by Dorian Paskowitz. I’m thinking about buying it but I wanted to know a little more about it before I do.

James Krejcarek says:

Thanks for the awesome review. I was hoping you would do this one! I love your creations thanks for giving us, the audience, more shred show!

Kalden Dondrub says:

Could you do wetsuits?

Chase Palmer says:

This Doinker Egg looks like it’d be a fun ride.
I’m trying to imagine how it’d ride if it were just a little bit longer than necessary with Bonzer fins and a single fin.

Callum Brady says:


Andrew Pilmer says:

Hey man looking at this board as my first short board after learning on an 8x22x3 funboard. I’m 5’10 and 170 lbs and am able to get out in the water at least twice a week. Do you have a suggestion of which size to go with? Thanks for everything you do!

Esteban Schreck says:

Nice board…I wonder how long can you go before it loses fluidility and becomes another fun board cruiser…also what is the recommended fin set up? 2 + 1?

Jasper van Loo says:

hi! can you please make a video about the best boards for mush? i would love it! dutch surfer here xD

linq87 says:

what is the guy doing at 5:06 on the 2nd wave?

Carlo Abastta says:

Hey I’m kind of a beginner surfer (I mostly ride longboards) and want to get into short boarding what do you recommend I was thinking about the doinker

charles natzu says:

I’m shaping my next board I’m going thru all your videos like if I was getting ready for finals .

JTV says:

🙂 🙂 🙂

Alex Sherwin says:

hi can you do a in depth review of what different talk shapes do? e.g. round, round pin, square and squash. just standard short board stuff :). also love your videos, everybody watches out in Dubai

Bryan Truong says:

Looks a bit like a hypto krypto

Tyler Legall says:

Hey man! love your vids…. was wondering if you could do a reveiw on the Fred Stubble C.I… Im looking for a small wave board… for a surf like chest to head im intermediate and was interested in the fred stuble. what say you?

Marco Winkler says:

can you make a vid about a board for groms like a 5’5 or smth

Rai Zario says:

Please do a review on the greedy beaver from Firewire. I love your videos and its my go to for info.

Ho Stevie! says:

Looks like a fun board!

matthijs mostert says:

Where can I find the full video of Colin surfing the Doinker Egg???

Bernardo Andrade says:

Hey bro, can you do a review on a old school board like a “fro back”. I have one 5’8, fish double fins.

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