Rusty Pump Surfboard Review + FCS2 AM2 Fins | Compare Surfboards

Hybrid performance shortboards are all the rage for extracting maximum fun and performance from weak, small swells. This Rusty Pump Surfboard Review + FCS2 AM2 Fins is a mean small wave weapon that will help all levels of surfer enjoy the small stuff more!


Unlike some small wave performance hybrids that can be too fat to throw around, the Rusty Pump’s design started with a shortboard and shrunk it into a smaller package. The nose and tail are still shortboard – esque, the bottom contours still geared for performance.

Hope you enjoy this Rusty Pump Surfboard Review + FCS2 AM2 Fins!



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Ryan The Rock says:

how is this board different to the dwart?

Des.Farrell says:

Ci black and white please keep it up

Pablo Siesta says:

How does it paddle and drop in?
is it unfriendly?

Keith Davidson says:

looks very Short Round’esque

Colby Riviere says:

that layback was gnarly man. clay mars shit.

Sam Wells says:

your big ass needs more volume a lot more

Torrey B says:

why does the australian market have so many more rusty board models than that of the US?! not fair..

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