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This is the Lost Surfboards Short Round Surfboard Review feat. Carbon Wrap (NEW 2015 Model). A clean, simple small wave performance hybrid design shaped personally by Matt Biolos. This sexy …Lost Surfboards Short Round features Carbon Wrap stringerless construction, which is now available on all Lost boards.

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Following on from the Lost Rocket legacy of fun, fast performance oriented designs geared for everyday surfers, the Lost Short Round feels smooth down the line and super lively out of turns.

This is the Lost Short Round review featuring Daniel Macdonald of DMS Shapes’ patented Carbon Wrap technology.

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Justin Bordwell says:

Ride the carvers in the back…the 50/50 foil makes the quad setup feel drivey and gives you quicker redirection. Changed my quad game big time.

Paul John Balderston says:

You should check out the lost driver. I met Matt at an event at my shop and we sat down and did some one on one tuning the driver on his cad program together. My board should be around in about six weeks!

jose says:

looks stiff as F***, no thanks, I’ll take a traditional PU board anytime

Mark Matheson says:

Hey Benny, great review.
I am 5’11”, 190 lbs and 45 years old, and surf mostly beach and point breaks in San Clemente.  I have surfed for over 30 years, but recently went through a 7 year longboard phase and want to get back into short boarding.  I bought an Ellis 6″6′ 21 1/4 x 2 5/8 quad which worked beautifully to get me into waves, but after a while I felt I was ready for something more high performance, so I bought a CI Fred Stubble 6″0′ 19 x 2 3/8 28.7L. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting the feel and driving the board, and think I may have taken too far of a leap. 

I am thinking of getting the Short Round in a 6″0′ 20.5 x 2.56 35.6L as my new all around high performance board. Many sites and shops are telling me to go a few inches shorter than myself, but given my situation, I think a 6’0″ to 6’2″ would work better. I would rather have too much board and sacrifice some performance than have too little board and a lower wave count and frustration.  Just want to have fun surfing again.

Any thoughts?

Torrey B says:

been wanting that board for a while…once i snap my white diamond 2 (incide blank=will probably never happen)

Ryan Burdon says:

Hey, I am thinking of getting this board but I really don’t know what size is good for me. I am 5,10 150lb. I surf Sebastian Inlet in Florida and want something to replace but still have the carving power of my shortboard. I surf waves from 2-6ft. I think I want the 5,7 but I’m not sure. What size do you think? ( Im good fitness and at the intermediate+ level.)

DON Key says:

One thing I noticed about Benny is that he always highly rates all the boards he reviews, especially if they a lost boards.

djpipe1 says:

hey Benny. great review. I can’t decide if I go with CI #4 or this one . how would u compare them ?

shitmydickgotstuckinthecowagain says:

I want this board can someone tell me how it goes first? Cheers!

S C says:

could you talk about shortround libtech?

Patrick Ferguson says:

How would you compare the feel/ weight/ drive /snap of the Carbon wrap to something similar like Futureflex?

Terence Ingram says:

How does it compare to the V3 Rocket. I am torn between the two. I have been riding the original Rocket 5’10” and was about to order the V3 version until I saw the short round. I am now undecided. Do they go in the same waves and conditions? I plan to ride the board as my go to board for almost everything much like I did with my original Rocket.

Phil Pope says:

Thanks for another great review. How durable is the carbon wrap eps tech? Similar to a standard PU board?

Frederico Oliveira says:

hey ben do u think the short round handles hallow small beach breaks?

Michael Goldstein says:


Blackboybwb Chan says:

Just wonder Carbon wrap is it water proof foam?

Ryan James says:

Hi Benny, 
Well done on the progress of the channel! getting better and better. Mate i am heading to Sri lanka in October. I currently have a 6’0 subbuggy and a 5’10 subdriver. I am gonna grab a new board for the smaller days over there. Looking at a Hypto Crypto, Pod Mod or the Lost short round. Would love to hear your thoughts. 
Thanks mate

David McInally says:

Hi guys, wondering what size Short round I should get I’m 5’9″ and 87 kegs currently riding a 6’3″ Mark Phipps about 33ltrs and am looking for a good summer board for the East Coast waves what size do you recommend in the Carbon Wrap?

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