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Welcome to our review of the OG Flyer by Al Merrick / Channel Islands Surfboards.

I have had an OG Flyer for the best part of six months and have had the chance to ride the surf board in a vast variety of conditions, from pumping 5-6 foot beach-break barrels, to 1 foot onshore slop, and the OG Flyer has held its own in most conditions. I have had a few Flyer F’s and New Flyer’s in the past, so I was really keen to check out the OG Flyer, a shape that had somehow not come to my attention earlier…

My OG Flyer here is the stock 5’10 which is 19 ¼ x 2 7/16 at 29.4 litres of volume. Initially this felt a little under volume for myself when I first put it under my arm, but once I got it in the water it felt just perfect with just the right volume that the board paddled well and linked flat sections with ease.

The volume in the OG Flyer is well distributed throughout the board which translates to the way the board surfs, very smooth and very easy. It’s a bit of a shock to think how much board design has changed even in the last 10 years, but this design here is 19 years old, but looks as modern and current as anything currently coming out of most board manufacturers. 10 years ago I was riding a 6’2 shortboard – Oh OG Flyer, where have you been all my life!

The OG Flyer is a super versatile daily driver which I would recommend for someone looking for a one board quiver.

From the site:

Our all-time most popular design is The Flyer.

In 1999 Al was searching for a solution to team riders’ dilemma of needing more speed and flow in lesser waves while maintaining high performance, world tour level surfing.

The answer was a board that departed from the then overly narrow designs and set the stage for the modern performance shortboard that is now wider and shorter.

The Flyer is easily the most ridden and enjoyed all around board in our history.

Best as an everyday board in everyday conditions, The Flyer has a single concave entry to double through the middle and a vee exit, Al’s signature bump squash, slight down rail, and a subtle nose beak. To be ridden approximately the same length as you are tall.

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Blade Runner says:

Liked, subscribed, . Great review, ..just a little advice, hey man, try to loose some weight, you are a good surfer, but you look a little bit heavy on the board. a new young blood would improve the surf scenes, surf faster, just an advice. Good look – cheers.

Newy rat says:

sweet sprayjob bra.

Maynard Lim says:

craig, how do u like the og flyer compared to the flyer-f? Digging ur reviews man! Great surfing!

bodhi tree says:

How does this board compare to the monsta box in your experience?

hardt115 says:

I also have the same question, how does this compare to the monsta box?

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